Tuition Centres in Tampines, Simei, Pasir Ris & Bedok, Singapore

Learn with the best in Tampines

We know that it can be a daunting task for students preparing for the A Level,  due to the heavy workload and demands of the curriculum. Knowing this, we seek to address their concerns and alleviate their stress by making it easy for them to seek quality help. Located within the proximity of top primary, secondary and JC schools, we ensure ease of access for parents and students who live in the Tampines, Bedok, Simei and Pasir Ris neighbourhoods. Currently we offer JC Economics and General Paper tuition on top of a list of ever expanding tuition programmes coming up.

Receive a Holistic Education at our Tuition Centres

Students who are preparing for the examinations, are bound to encounter learning setbacks that will cause them to question their own preparedness and level of ability, which could affect their confidence and mental well-being. This is compounded by the fact that  most students have at least 6-7 subjects to juggle with, all in addition to the rigorous demands of the examinations based on the latest syllabus. As such, Tampines Tuition Centres, Singapore aims to provide students with a holistic educational experience that not only focuses on preparing students for exams, but also one that focuses on ensuring their physical and mental well-being. This is done through organising events(link to our past movie events organised) aimed at helping students relax and have fun after long periods of studying as well as learning workshops and learning journeys to take learning outdoors thereby helping students experience more than what can be taught in the classroom. Our programmes offered by Tampines Tuition Centres, Singapore not only ensures  students are prepared for school, but also ensures they are ready to face the challenges of life after school.

Gain Competitive Edge Over Your Peers

Tampines Tuition Centres can help students to achieve excellent grades in their studies by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the curriculum. Tampines Tuition Centres features a pool of exceptional tuition Centres around Tampines, Bedok, Simei and Pasir Ris, managed by experienced tutors.

Effective Learning for Tech-Savvy Students

Tampines Tuition Centres, Singapore utilizes technology to enhance and enrich the learning experience for students. We believe the power of technology can make learning more fulfilling, productive and engaging for students. That is why we have E-Learning programmes, developed by us for each and every student that joins Tampines Tuition Centres, Singapore. Our E-learning platform provides a variety of tools such as mobile applications, online videos, online practice papers/questions and quizzes, as well as access to the latest notes and updates on curriculum schedules so that students get the best out of their educational journey with us.

O Level Secondary Tuition

Students in the O Level education track can join our secondary tuition programmes offered by the tuition centres at Tampines. A wide range of subjects are featured in the tuition programme, such as secondary english, math, physics and chemistry tuition. The lessons are conducted by experienced tutors who are passionate in teaching and strive for excellence in helping students to achieve their desired grades at the O Level examinations.

A Level Tuition programmes for students seeking to excel in their studies

Students can enroll with our tuition centres and sign up for the various programmes, such as GP tuition, Economics tuition and JC History tuition. The exam-oriented tuition classes are conducted by experienced JC GP, Economics and History tutors who are driven to nurture students towards attaining academic success.

Develop Rational Thinking with EconomicsFocus

Achieve academic excellence for your A Level Economics with EconomicsFocus. Be taught by one of the most sought-after Economics Tutor Simon Ng, who has helped countless students achieve A. Through the Rational Thinking teaching methodology, students will develop effective JC Economics Essay writing skills and case study question answering techniques.

Cultivate Sensible Minds at

Refine your thinking and writing skills at Under the tutelage of GP tutor Simon Ng, students will undergo extensive exam-oriented class practice to hone their comprehension answering techniques and JC GP essay writing skills. Also, students who join the GP tuition programme will receive concise revision materials that will help them to study efficiently.

Write proficiently at

Students who join will be introduced to the exciting realm of International History and Southeast Asian History by the motivated tutors. By utilizing a skills-oriented teaching approach, students will develop strong foundation on writing techniques that aid them in forming convincing, cogent and clear arguments for their JC history essays and source based questions (SBQs). The history tuition programmes are structured to fit the hectic schedule of students while they prepare to achieve excellence at the A Level History examinations.

Develop problem solving skills at

Students who enroll in will develop effective answering methods that are useful when tackling both basic and challenging math questions. In preparation for the O Level Math examinations, the math tutors will undergo topical re-teaching to help students to comprehend the math concepts, so that they can handle the higher order thinking math questions that are likely to be tested at the preliminary and actual examinations. The intensive revision programmes will be conducted during the school holidays to hone the answering techniques as well, so that students can build exam confidence and become competent learners of Mathematics.