Secondary English Tuition Tampines Bedok Bishan

Secondary English Tuition

Joining our English tuition programmes held at Bishan, Bedok and Tampines will be an enriching and empowering experience as we focus on encouraging your child to read more enthusiastically, write more expressively, comprehend more effectively and learn more passionately. We are also exam-oriented as we prepare your child well in accordance to examination requirements set based on SEAB syllabus and are oriented to the examination trend, tackling the variants of the questions (we are really good in predicting the questions).

Why Join our Secondary English Tuition

Our Secondary English Tuition will be beneficial in building up the essential skills for your child to engage in effective writing and communication. The tuition programmes are developed to promote active participation, which facilitates thinking as your child learns to utilise English to interact with tutors and other students. In this section, we will feature the benefits of our secondary English tuition.

We teach your child to communicate confidently

We nurture your child to read enthusiastically by featuring different text-types, such as narrative Comprehension passages. We provide your child with opportunities to read excerpts in class to inculcate speech skills, such as enunciation and intonation, which are important for Oral Communication.

We nurture your child to write creatively

Our secondary English Tuition will inspire your child to write expressively by learning to present ideas in clear and interesting ways. For Composition Writing, our tutors will introduce different writing methods that are useful for descriptive writing.

We inspire your child to learn English passionately

Our tutors guide students to become observant and passionate learners by emphasising on the importance of different question types, in relation to real world examples. We show how text-types, like bus-stop ads and shopping posters, are used to present specific messages for the target audience.

We prepare your child for the complexity of examinations

Most importantly, we conduct extensive class practices to provide your child with adequate revision. Our lessons will include a wide variety of question types to familiarise your child with the exam requirements. Also, your child will acquire the answering skills to tackle the questions and ace the exam.

We engage your child think and reflect effectively

We incorporate the discussion of real world issues into the answering of questions to ensure that your child can comprehend ideas and question requirements effectively. For instance, we use Comprehension Passages to engage your child to reflect on his or her personal observations.

What We Teach in our Secondary English Tuition

By understanding the benefits of our Secondary English Tuition, you can read on to find out more about the class activities conducted at our Tampines Tuition Centre. These class activities will stimulate thinking and promote interaction as students learn to grasp the English Language in innovative and engaging ways.


Skills-Based Learning

Given the distinctive requirements for each question type, our secondary English tuition programme will place adequate emphasis on the development of answering skills. For instance, our classes will feature a segment on skills development for Comprehension Questions, which will cover the different types of questions for narrative-type Comprehension.


Class Discussion

Learning English is made fun and effective through class discussions, which are led by our tutors. In addition to the focus on skills development, tutors will encourage students to participate and suggest ways to answer questions. For example, for Situational Writing, students can propose how an informal letter can be written to develop a casual and personal tone, especially when writing to a relative or family member.


Class Practices

We prepare students for the demands of the examination by including practice sessions. These class practices are timely opportunities for students to assess their writing proficiency. Occasionally, we will provide timed practices to cultivate effective time management skills, which are critical for examination. Furthermore, the questions featured in these practice sessions may be modified to cover a broad range of types that are likely to be tested at the examinations.

Other Benefits For Our Secondary English Tuition

In addition to the benefits of our tuition programme, you can also receive these educational benefits by enrolling your child in our secondary English tuition. These additional benefits are exclusive for those who have joined our tuition programmes.


Free Holiday Classes

By registering for our tuition, your child can join our holiday programmes for free. The classes are held during the March and June school holidays. These programmes will feature various activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment, to provide a fun-filled and meaningful vacation period for your child.


Free Monthly Workshops

Also, you can sign up for our monthly workshops, which are open to both parents and students. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to minimise errors and maximise mark attainment for the relevant subjects. For example, we organise English Composition Writing workshops to focus on the development of expressive and well-structured writing.


Free Educational Guides

You will also receive educational guides (e-guides, in short) that are in soft-copy (PDF format) for easy access and reading. These e-guides will feature a wide range of subjects, in which essential issues are discussed. For example, our English e-Guide will feature practice questions for your child to attempt and improve precision of answers.

Education Tips you may learn from our Secondary English Tuition

By joining our Secondary English tuition program, students will be taught by experienced English tutors that will guide them towards achieving academic success. To some students, learning the English Language can be perceived as a challenging and frictional process. For example, some students experience difficulties in thinking of points to answer the essay questions in the Continuous Writing paper. Also, students have raised the concerns of not being able to provide adequate in-depth elaboration for the points.

Therefore, the Secondary English Tuition program will seek to address these challenges through our comprehensive teaching curriculum and educational resources, so as to reduce the learning apprehension of students and raising their confidence towards being more exam-ready. The following studying tips will be helpful for students in their preparation for the O Level English examination.

Cultivate effective time management skills

One common errors that students make during the study of the O Level English is the inability to manage time effectively. During the preparation phase, it is essential for students to set a defined revision plan and schedule adequate practices be exam-ready. Some students have acknowledged that it can be difficult due to the lack of self-discipline and guidance to commit to their plans and revise extensively. During the examination phase, students should allocate appropriate amount of time for each component of the questions. In order to ensure that students are able to complete the examination within the limited time, students should undergo numerous timed practices during the revision phase. In our Secondary English tuition program, the English tutors will ensure that students cultivate strong time management skills through regular timed practice sessions.

Develop proficient writing techniques

To achieve excellence in O Level English, students should acquire effective writing skills that will aid them in their answering for the Paper 1 and Paper 2 components. Some students have raised their concerns over their learning obstacles, in terms of the expression of ideas, point elaboration and provision of supporting evidence. For the Continuous Writing aspect, students will learn how to refine their descriptive and persuasive writing techniques, in order to match the requirements of the different types of essay questions. Also, students will undergo intensive revision on the improvements of various components of essay writing. For instance, our English tutors will teach students on the different methods of writing an introduction. In addition, for the main body, students will learn how to frame their arguments or points in a concise and clear way.

For the Comprehension part, students are taught on the identification of various types of short answer questions and the appropriate answering techniques, as well as the essential skills to score in the summary writing component. One of the key factor to achieve good grades in English Comprehension is the ability to carry out word substitution, given that there are many questions, including the summary, that require students to “answer in your own words”.