Primary Math Tuition

Primary Math tuition forms a part of Tampines Tuition Centre, and serves as a educational platform for students to reach out to our professional tutors to seek clarification in Mathematical skills. Our tutors are highly trained and understand how to unlock our students’ learning potential and aims to develop essential critical thinking skills to allow students to apply concepts accurately. This is done through familiarisation with complex questions to bolster up their confidence and imbue interest in the field of Mathematics. Our tailored programmes will formulate an exam-centric environment and cultivate exam-skewed productivity in our students to build confidence and interest in the subject.

Why Join our Primary Math Tuition

Our Primary Math Tuition focuses on developing a solid set of fundamental skills in your child and encouraging active learning. Our teaching methodology emphasises on guiding your child to acquire profound math concepts as well as to find solutions to various mathematical problems. With these specialised teachings, our professional tutors can ensure that your child receives the best out of his/her education and attain full preparedness for the competitive PSLE examination.

We teach your child to acquire extensive concepts

Our Primary Math Tuition will help your child to develop an in-depth understanding of mathematical concepts and comprehend the plethora of mathematical ideas subjected to your child during classes. These depth and broadness in thinking will propel your child to develop mastery in many mathematical theorems.

We teach your child to develop critical thinking

As an integral part of our learning community, your child will be instilled with a multitude of thinking processes, especially in the choice and use of problem-solving skills in the Mathematical fields. This is imperative as math questions are becoming increasingly abstract, which calls for much of the critical thinking to solve.

We teach your child to build confidence and interest

Our Primary Math tutors seek to inspire your child’s confidence and interest in Mathematics at Primary Math Tuition by employing a varied mix of specially designed educational tools and programmes unique to our tuition classes. Beyond books, your child will appreciate the power of Mathematics as well as its usefulness while they learn in our centres.

How to learn better with our Primary Math Tuition?

We encourage keen learners to utilise our portals to enrich thinking and answering skills to tackle Math problems. In this section, you can find out more about the featured portals that complement the educational development of your child for primary Mathematics. These portals contain many useful exam-smart strategies, notes and tuition programmes that give your child to competitive edge over the rest.

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Primary Tuition Hub

Embark on an exciting learning experience with your child by utilising our featured portals, such as Primary Tuition Hub, to achieve academic success. Primary Tuition Hub features concise Math notes, practice questions and even primary Math tuition classes available for registration. Get started to prepare your child for PSLE Math.

What We Teach for our Primary Math Tuition

Our tutors at Primary Math Tuition are dedicated towards ensuring that your child receives the best mathematics tuition programme. Our tuition programmes aspire to imbue in students with key mathematical skills and techniques to allow them to flourish in the subject. Moreover, we nurture competitive mathematical acumen in your child so that they become great thinkers for the Mathematics subject.

Creative Learning

Your child will be cultivated with many creative learning experiences with our E-Learning programmes to help relate to more abstract mathematical concepts. This improves their metacognition and enables better understanding of intricate topics such as Geometry and Heuristics.

Mathematical Skills & Strategies

Your child will be taught mathematical skills and strategies to effectively tackle distinct math questions during examinations. Noting the greater complexity and demanding exam pressure of Mathematics, students will bode well with an extensive skill set that adapts to the difficulty levels of math questions.

Appreciation For The Subject

Primary Math Tuition believes that by inculcating positive attitudes towards Mathematics, your child will develop an appreciation for the subject which is of importance over the course of his/her further education. Such attempts keep students interested in the subject which promotes positive learning in turn.

Other Benefits For Our Primary Math Tuition

In addition to the benefits of our tuition programme, you can also receive these educational benefits by enrolling your child in our primary Math tuition. These additional benefits are exclusive for those who have joined our tuition programmes.


Free Holiday Classes

By registering for our tuition, your child can join our holiday programmes for free. The classes are held during the March and June school holidays. These programmes will feature various activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment, to provide a fun-filled and meaningful vacation period for your child.


Free Monthly Workshops

Also, you can sign up for our monthly workshops, which are open to both parents and students. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to minimise errors and maximise mark attainment for the relevant subjects. For example, we organise problem-solving skills workshops to focus on the development of critical thinking.


Free Educational Guides

You will also receive educational guides (e-guides, in short) that are in soft-copy (PDF format) for easy access and reading. These e-guides will feature a wide range of subjects, in which essential issues are discussed. For example, our Math e-Guide will feature practice questions for your child to attempt and improve precision of answers.

Get useful study tips for Primary Mathematics

Mathematics, as many would know, is a subject that requires consistent practice. A cliche but valid adage we stick to is “practice makes perfect”. Indeed, practice is important to help one to recall, retain and refine the learned skills that one has acquired. Nonetheless, we advise students not to rush into practising the questions before making sure their understanding of the mathematical concepts is at sufficient level.

After understanding the general mathematical concepts, resources should be channeled to focus on honing the skills and helping the students to master them. By being exposed to the various kinds of math questions, students will build exam confidence and develop the capability to tackle both basic and challenging questions independently. Our primary math tuition help students to develop that self-reliance and acquire essential answering techniques.

Clarify your doubts with the tutors

Students who want to excel in the primary math examinations must be committed to achieve comprehension of concepts. Any form of misconception will hinder the ability of students to answer questions effectively. Therefore, it is important for students to engage the tutors for consultation. The tutors will diagnose the learning setbacks and provide constructive solutions to overcome them. For example, the consideration of using an alternative approach to answer a challenging math question.

Devote your revision time to attempt practice questions

While it is important to read and understand the math concepts, it is pointless if students do not apply the concepts to actual questions. Students are encouraged to attempt past year papers to assess their level of understanding in conceptual application. Furthermore, students should try a broad range of questions to build familiarity with the different question types as the examinations tend to test students in unexpected ways. In the process of practising questions, students should adopt a systematic approach in answering them. Also, timed simulated practices are important to ensure that students can complete the questions within the timeframe.

Seek guidance and assistance from our primary math tuition classes

Students who are uncertain on the approach to take when revising for primary math examinations should consider enrolling in our primary math tuition programmes. The tutors are experienced in identifying the learning obstacles that students encounter in their journey. Also, they can provide students useful feedback and resources to help them improve their grades. During the primary math tuition classes, students will be taught the basic math concepts and go through many practice questions under the guidance of the tutors. In the process, the students will build exam confidence, which is a vital factor for success.