JC Math Tuition Tampines Bedok Bishan

JC Math Tuition Bedok Tampines

Join our lessons in Bedok, Tampines or Bishan as your child will get more opportunity to learn with us through interactive and results-proven teaching approaches. Learning with us will be a rewarding and meaningful experience for your child as we teach students to solve problems creatively, , prepare adequately for examinations, and instill confidence for the subject.

Our lessons are designed in accordance to the latest examination requirements, as set by MOE. This ensures that your child is receiving the most updated content and continue to stay relevant to the current A level mathematics syllabus. Read on to find out how our tuition programme can benefit your child’s academic development.

Why Join our JC Math Tuition

Our JC Math Tuition provides high quality lessons and learning opportunities for students of all range of abilities. The lessons focus on developing students’ skills in conceptualising mathematical problems and other soft aspects that can affect their examination performance.

We train our students to solve problems creatively

The amount of mathematical concepts in A level mathematics may seem manageable at the start but what most students underestimate is the variety of questions that may be tested. Hence, in our programme, we emphasise a lot on creative problem-solving. This means that our students are trained to think of multiple ways of approaching a single problem and this will enhance their skills in tackling different questions no matter the difficulty levels.

We prepare our students adequately for examinations

We provide the latest mathematics examination papers from top JCs as well as picking some relevant questions from assessment books. These questions serve as discussion points for the lessons to keep your child engaged and make sure they are better geared for the upcoming examinations.

We instill confidence in the subject

The morale of one student is an important deciding factor of the progress of the student in the subject. Many a times, students experience their major examination failures during their times in JC and start to doubt their own ability. Through our programme, we make sure that our students are constantly encouraged and well-motivated to learn and improve mathematics no matter the difficulties faced.

How We Teach our JC Mathematics Tuition

By joining our JC Mathematics tuition programme, students will benefit from the well-designed teaching approaches that our professional tutors have developed. With our experience, students will be well-informed of the latest syllabus and seek consultation on areas or topics that they are unsure of.

Conceptual Discussion

Some time is catered for the tutors to go through the key concepts of the different topics taught in school and it is a good chance for students to voice out any doubts they have. Students can also seek the tutors’ help in their school’s tutorial assignments.

In-class Practices

Regular class practices will be given and students are sometimes expected to present their solutions and challenge each other’s solution with questions. Regular homework will also be given to reinforce the concepts that are learned.

Craft Your Own Math Questions

As part of our programme to make learning interesting and engaging, sometimes we get students to craft a mathematics question to challenge their peers. This helps them to appreciate and be more aware of the type of thinking required when solving a mathematics question. Students are to present the proper so also required to present a full solution to the question.

Other Benefits For Our JC Math Tuition

In addition to the benefits of our tuition programme, you can also access these educational benefits by registering your child for our JC Mathematics tuition. These benefits are exclusive for those who have joined our tuition classes.


Free Holiday Programmes

By joining our tuition, your child can sign up for our holiday programmes for free. The classes are held during the March and June school holidays. These programmes will feature activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment, to provide a meaningful vacation period for your child.


Free Monthly Workshops

You can register for our monthly workshops, which are open to both parents and students. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to reduce errors and do well at the exams. For example, we have workshops on the chapters students usually struggle more with, such as vectors, to help them build a better foundation of the topic.


Free Educational Guides

You can view our education guides for free. These guides include A Level Math notes and practice questions for your child to read and complement with the revision programme. We will provide updates and new e-guides along the way to support your child’s study of the subject.