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Join our GP Tuition, which is held at Tampines, Bedok and Bishan, as we prepare your child for the A Level General Paper examination. Be inspired to pursue academic excellence as we nurture your child to be observant and write prolifically. Also, our GP tuition is exam-oriented as the tuition programme is developed to meet the requirements set by SEAB. As such, your child will be attempting numerous practice questions to be ready to ace the examinations.

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Why Join our GP Tuition

Our GP tuition for JC1 and JC2 students will benefit your child’s academic development as we provide comprehensive revision materials and hold intellectually-stimulating class discussions to cultivate a sensible mind. By doing so, your child will develop effective reading, thinking and writing skills to approach GP issues. In this section, you can learn more about the key features of our GP tuition classes.

We nurture your child to be observant

To comprehend GP issues, we will nurture your child to develop a keen sense of observation through active class discussions. This means that our GP tuition will feature thematic study of major issues, like environment and economic challenges. Your child will be encouraged to participate by expressing opinions in written and speech forms.

We teach your child to become a prolific writer

The mastery of A Level General Paper is achievable with our GP tuition programme as the classes feature essay writing and comprehension skills development. To become a prolific writer, we teach your child to organise an essay to form coherent and persuasive arguments. Furthermore, we include a wide variety of comprehension questions to refine your child’s answering skills to tackle short answer, summary and application questions (AQs).

We prepare your child for the examinations

Ultimately, our GP tuition is exam-oriented. This implies that the classes will place emphasis on the cultivation of critical thinking to approach GP issues from multiple perspectives. By doing so, your child can analyse these topics featured in essays and comprehension questions to derive logical and convincing points.

What We Teach for our GP Tuition

To clinch the elusive grade A, our GP tuition will develop your child’s writing ability to be competent in handling the uncertainties and complexities of the GCE A Level General Paper examination. Your child will be immersed in a conducive learning environment, featuring issue-based discussion, GP essay writing skills and comprehension answering techniques. As such, your child will be prepared thoroughly to analyse GP issues critically and form arguments coherently, thus excelling at the examination.

Issue-based Discussion

We establish a strong foundation for your child by examining different GP issues in class. During our GP tuition, we engage in thematic class discussions that cover specific topics, like the economic impacts of technological advancements on modern societies. We will cover important ideas, contributing factors and potential impacts from multiple angles of discussion, which will become the core of your child’s ability to answer GP essays and comprehension questions.

GP Comprehension Skills

We also conduct GP comprehension skills development classes to improve your child’s answering abilities for short answer questions, summary and application questions. For instance, we teach your child to read the comprehension passage carefully and annotate specific parts to extract out important ideas to handle short answer questions. Also, we show your child how to ace summary questions through the cultivation of effective paraphrasing and word substitution techniques. Besides, application question skills are developed by learning to analyse the authors’ arguments and relate to personal experience and the modern society.

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GP Essay Writing Skills

We incorporate GP essay writing skills development in our GP tuition programmes, featuring the most important aspects of writing, like outline setting, question analysis, paragraph development, use of rebuttal and perspective setting. Every skill is developed and refined through class discussions and practices, such that your child can observe and emulate from the GP tutors to replicate similar results effectively at the examinations.

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Study with Tutor Programme

The ‘Study with Tutor’ GP tuition programme is FREE and available for all JC1 and JC2 students who have signed up for our regular classes. During the programme, your child can attend additional class practice sessions to attempt comprehension and essay questions. Furthermore, we provide free consultation for your child during the programme. These practice sessions will be beneficial to your child’s preparation for the examination.

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Other Benefits For Our GP Tuition

In addition to the benefits of our tuition programme, you can also access these educational benefits by registering your child for our JC GP tuition. These benefits are exclusive for those who have joined our tuition classes.


Free Holiday Programmes

By joining our tuition, your child can sign up for our holiday programmes for free. The classes are held during the March and June school holidays. These programmes will feature activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment, to provide a meaningful vacation period for your child.


Free Monthly Workshops

You can register for our monthly workshops, which are open to both parents and students. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to reduce errors and do well at the exams. For example, we conduct past A Level exam review to improve the efficiency of your child’s revision.


Free Educational Guides

You can view our education guides for free. These guides include A Level GP notes and practice questions for your child to read and complement with the revision programme. We will provide updates and new e-guides along the way to support your child’s study of the subject.