Secondary Economics Tuition Tampines Bedok Bishan

Secondary Economics Tuition Tampines Bedok

Sign up for our secondary English tuition classes, which are conducted at Bedok, Bishan and Tampines tuition centres. we teach your child to learn economics concepts, interpret economic data meticulously and illustrate economic diagrams systematically. Our exam-oriented classes will also ensure that your child has the skills to meet the examination requirements, which are derived from the SEAB syllabus. Read on to find out how our tuition programme is beneficial to your child’s educational development.

Why Join our Secondary Economics Tuition

If your child is ready to tackle the questions for O Level Economics, we invite you to enrol your child in our Secondary Economics Tuition as our programme is enriching and exam-friendly. In this section, you can learn more about the benefits of our classes.

Learn economics concepts passionately

We teach your child to examine and understand economics concepts effectively by introducing real world examples. By doing so, your child will recognise and appreciate the usefulness of these ideas. For instance, our classes on Demand and Supply will introduce the factors affecting Demand. Your child will be encouraged to think of relatable examples of the possible components that influence the changes in demand.

Interpret economic data meticulously

As O Level Economics examination features an unseen data response question (DRQ) segment, our lessons will be instrumental in equipping your child with the data analysis skills to handle economics-related information meticulously. For example, we provide example DRQs to demonstrate how tables on the economic performance of two countries should be used to understand the differences in living standards.

Illustrate economic diagrams systematically

The study of Economics is an interesting experience as your child will be introduced to various economic diagrams, which are important in showing the processes and impacts that may be mentioned in specific concepts. Therefore, our lessons will equip your child with the skills to draw and explain the diagrams in a step-by-step approach.

Exam-oriented Classes

In general, our secondary Economics tuition programme is exam-driven, implying that your child will acquire knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the examinations. With reference to the SEAB syllabus requirements (2286), we have prepared the lessons in ways to ensure that your child has grasped the economics notions well and know how to apply them to the MCQs, DRQs and essay questions.

How We Teach our Secondary Economics Tuition

In view of these benefits that your child can reap from our secondary Economics tuition, you can read on to gain insights to the types of class activities conducted at our Bishan, Bedok and Tampines tuition centres.

Topical Enrichment and Discussion

As O Level Economics can also be organised into two major areas, namely Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, our tuition programme will feature topical revision to provide your child with the much-needed study of the essential economic concepts and processes to be familiar with the ideas discussed in questions.

Class Practices and Knowledge Application

Following the acquisition of knowledge, we will guide your child to apply the economics knowledge to MCQs, DRQs and essay questions. By doing so, we ensure that your child has understood the significance of the economics concepts. Post-test reviews are also conducted to provide useful feedback.

Exam-Smart Skills Development

The development of exam-driven answering techniques for O Level Economics is achieved through the focus on three essential paper components: Multiple Choice Questions, Data Response Questions and Essay Questions.

Multiple Choice Questions Answering Development

For Multiple Choice, we will provide a variety of questions to test basic and intermediate knowledge of Economics. These questions may be arranged by topics for effective revision and self-review before the examinations.

Unseen Data Response Questions Skills Development

For Data Response Questions, this second component will be addressed by developing specific skills, like data extraction, conceptual application to short answer questions and impact analysis (positive and negative).

Essay Writing Techniques Development

For Essay Questions, the third segment will be prepared by building up answering skills, like outline setting and impact analysis. Knowledge integration between chapters will help your child to understand the applicability of concepts.

Other Benefits For Our Secondary Economics Tuition

You can also receive these educational benefits by signing up for our Secondary Economics tuition. These benefits are for those who have joined our tuition programme.


Free Holiday Programmes

By joining our tuition, your child can sign up for our holiday programmes for FREE! The classes are held during the school holidays. These programmes will feature activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment.


Free Monthly Workshops

You can sign up for our monthly workshops. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to reduce errors and do well at the exams. For example, we conduct essay writing workshops for exam revision.


Free Educational Guides

You can download our educational guides, which features practice questions and concise notes. These softcopy e-guides make learning accessible for your child to view anytime and anywhere.