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Students that join our secondary maths tuition classes will develop information processing skills, build mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills in order to ace the O and N level mathematics examinations. Students will also refine their effective reasoning, communication and thinking skills, based on the topics covered in the A and E math subjects. The math knowledge acquired at this level of study will be applicable and useful for students advancing to pre-tertiary level and study for A level mathematics.

What is about? was founded by a passionate math tutor, Jonathan Ng, in 2014. Jonathan held this lifelong belief to impart the essential skills to students at the secondary level. Therefore, was established to provide specialized math tuition classes for students at the O and N level. Jonathan conducts individual and group tuition classes that are exam-oriented and engaging. Many students had benefited from Jonathan’s tireless efforts to achieve excellence.

Why should students enrol in

Students who join the secondary math tuition programme will achieve greatness in their studies and beyond. The classes are not only focused on the mastery of math skills, but also the development of other non-math areas, such as cognitive skills. Our wide-ranging class activities will facilitate the strengthening of conceptual understanding, as well as refinement of skills application.

Develop quick thinking and creative problem-solving skills

Our secondary math tuition classes help students to achieve better grades by strengthening their quick thinking and creative problem-solving skills. These are important as students have to handle higher order thinking questions that require the integration of topics. The math tutors introduce a wide variety of question types and go through with students each question type on the methods used to solve the problems. By conducting short intervals of timed practices, students are trained to think fast and answer the questions with sharp precision.

Strengthen mental resilience in overcoming challenges

The O and N level mathematics examination can be a daunting obstacle for students, unless they develop their mental resilience. Students will encounter numerous questions that require both a firm grasp of the math concepts and ability to perform conceptual application, while under the stressful examination conditions. Without adequate practice, students may lose their focus and make careless mistakes during important tests and examinations. Therefore, our secondary tuition classes will show students how to deal with stress. Under the guidance of our caring math tutors, students will build their confidence and become exam ready.

Empower students to become independent learners

While the study of math is conducted under the supervision and tutelage of our math tutors, they encourage students to acquire the necessary skills to learn independently. At higher levels of education, students must possess the initiative to delve into the various subjects and strengthen their understanding of concepts without relying on the educators, particularly for tertiary education. Therefore, our math tuition programme instructs students on the cultivation of effective study habits and revision methods, so that they can attain remarkable results at O and N level math and beyond.

Be inspired by professional math tutors to excel in your studies

The math tutors of are determined to realise the academic aspirations of students. The math tutors possess vast teaching experience that is beneficial to our students as they can streamline the areas of focus while revising for the math examinations. Also, they tap on their knowledge and past interactions with students to diagnose the study problems that students encounter, and then suggest feasible solutions to overcome them.

About Secondary Math Tutor Jonathan Ng

Jonathan is a passionate educator who embraces every student and helps them to build on their strengths. Jonathan is committed to working hand-in-hand with both parents and students to meet their academic expectations. He seeks to nurture students, who can recognize their abilities and stretch themselves to excel in O and N Level Mathematics.

Style of teaching

Jonathan conducts secondary math tuition classes that are interactive, meaning students are encouraged to participate actively. While students have their own learning preferences, such as short and regular practice sessions versus long and intensive crash courses, Jonathan conducts an exam-oriented secondary math programme that is exam-oriented. He plays the role of an assistant to parents and motivator to students. Above all, Jonathan aims to be the educator that parents can entrust their teen to and the role model for students to look up to.

Excel in your studies with the fun-filled and exam-oriented class activities in our secondary math tuition programme

Students will embark on a meaningful and humbling learning journey with our secondary math tutors, who have consistently planned and refined their class activities. The secondary math tuition programme offer many features that will give students the competitive edge over their peers, while preparing for the O and N Level Mathematics examinations.

Interactive lessons to encourage student discussion

Students will be given numerous opportunities to speak up and attempt the questions presented during the secondary math tuition lessons. The friendly math tutors will examine how the students approach the questions and provide constructive feedback to minimise the errors of students, in terms of their answering techniques. Through active class participation, students will build their confidence in tackling questions and enjoy the learning process.


Concise and exam-oriented revision notes

Students will receive concise and exam-focused revision materials that are useful for the pre-exam preparation phase. The resources are prepared personally by the math tutors, who ensure that the content remains relevant and up-to-date, based on the latest SEAB O and N Level Mathematics syllabus. Students taking the A and E Math subjects can refer to the notes to recall the key concepts to apply before attempting questions. As such, these useful resources will reduce the time spent on reading notes and making references to textbooks, which are considered inefficient.

Holiday programmes to clear the misconceptions and gain a headstart

The holiday programmes are focused on the minimizing of math-related errors and misconceptions. These lessons are conducted during the school holidays in the month of March, June and November-December. Students will attempt questions and be assessed on their accuracy of answers. The math tutors will explain to students how to address their misconceptions, while providing feasible methods to address them. Therefore, the minimization of errors will improve the exam grades of students.

Hear from the successful learning experiences of our former students that benefited from the secondary math tuition programme

Our math tutors are glad to share the success stories of former students that have surmounted the study obstacles and triumphed in the pursuit of excellence at the O and N Level Mathematics examinations. These students became the inspiration for future students who strove to achieve the seemingly-impossible goals with the guidance of our motivated tutors. Hear from these students and learn how the secondary math tuition programme benefited them.

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