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Students who enroll in our JC history tuition programmes will become proficient writers and thinkers. As one of the humanities-based subject that students can take at the A Level, students will broaden their understanding of history by building on pre-existing knowledge acquired at the secondary level. Therefore, the content taught at the A Level History classes will overlap with the O Level History in certain areas, such as Cold War.

Recognizing the difference between H1 and H2 History and changes to the H2 History syllabus

With reference to the SEAB syllabus, the curriculum covers International History in Paper 1 and History of Southeast Asia in Paper 2. For students taking H1 History (8814), they only have to study for International History. For students sitting for the H2 History (9752) examinations, they have to study for both International History and Southeast Asian History.

With effect from 2017, the H2 History (9752) syllabus has been updated, as seen by the adjustments made to the syllabus content for Paper 2 and the examination format. For Paper 1, the three themes are: Understanding the Cold War (1945-1991), Understanding the global economy (1945-2000), and Safeguarding international peace and security. For Paper 2, there are three themes: Search for political stability, economic development after independence, regional conflicts and cooperation.

The examination format has been modified, in which students will complete a compulsory source-based case study that comprises of two sub-questions. The SBQ occupies 20% of the overall grade. Students will have to complete two essay questions based on the given four questions. The two essays occupy 15% of the overall grade each. Therefore, Paper 1 and Paper 2 carries 50% of the total grade each.

What is about? was founded by a group of passionate tutors who sought to improve the writing and analytical skills of students at the A Level. The aim is to conduct effective history tuition classes that value-add the process of knowledge accumulation for students at the pre-tertiary level of education. Given the limited time that students are given to learn from the educators at schools, students will delve into greater details on the key events and historical developments during our JC history tuition programme. By doing so, the tutors will ease the frictional comprehension process by verbalizing the thought processes of students who are perplexed by the events. Thorough analysis of International and Southeast Asian History is conducted to help students to understand the significance of these developments, in order to excel at A Level History.

Why should students enrol in

Clearly, the primary objective of JC History Tuition is to help students to ace their A Level History examinations. However, it is myopic to claim that that is the one and only aim of the tutors. Rather, the tutors perceive pre-tertiary education as a rewarding and humbling experience for both the learners and the learned. Students not only acquire greater understanding of the historical developments, but also enrich their learning in other ways. Besides, our JC history tuition classes will show students that it is inadequate to rely on rote learning and regurgitation of answers to expect A’s or B’s at the examinations. Attaining excellence for this humanities-subject requires more than the comprehension and duplication of answers. Therefore, students should focus on the cultivation of effective essay writing skills and source based questions answering techniques to excel.

Read carefully. Think critically. Write concisely.

By enrolling in the JC History Tuition programme, students will be taught how to process the information from essay questions as well as the sources from the SBQs. Students have to develop the skills to read the sources carefully, so that they can capture the key ideas and draw references from their contextual knowledge. One common mistake of students is that they fail to pay heed to the mentioned events in the extracts and did not analyze the implication of evidence for the SBQs.

To develop critical thinking skills, the classes will be conducted via a hands-on approach that require students to attempt the questions under the guidance of the tutors. For example, the tutors will verbalize their thought processes and instruct students to annotate the important information. The study of history sources is to show students the importance of dissecting information by discerning between factual evidence and biased opinions.

Once the students have understood the significance of information, they can present their arguments as clearly as possible. The issue with history essay writing and SBQ answering is that students do not know how to argue that their perspectives are sound. The absence of an organized answer structure will undermine the student’s quality of answers.

Develop effective time management skills to complete your essays and SBQs within the exam timeframe

Our JC History tuition classes feature the cultivation of time management skills, whereby tutors will get students to attempt timed practices to evaluate their competency level, seen in terms of the amount of time used to complete each essay question and source based question (SBQ). In addition, the history tutors will show students how to improve their efficiency of writing, by guiding students through effective causation writing, evidential support, and point elaboration. By adopting a systematic way of answering the question, students will improve their answering techniques, seen in terms of spending less time to think of the possible approaches to undertake and expressing the points from thoughts to written forms.

Discover the valuable and insightful knowledge gained from the study of A Level History

JC Students are encouraged to approach history with an inquisitive learning attitude. According to the tutors, who were once students themselves, it can be a challenging and mundane experience if students do not learn enjoyably. The misleading perceptions of history as a mundane and boring subject emerged from the minds of pessimistic students that refused to view A Level History as a subject that opens doors to many opportunities. Students who join our JC History tuition classes will realise that learning history can be exciting and meaningful. For example, the tutors will explore myriad facets of the historical developments and show students how the events affected us individually, socially and politically at the local and global levels.

Be inspired by experienced JC history tutors is managed by passionate tutors, who believe that the pursuit of academic success is achievable, regardless of the competency level of students at the A Level. The tutors utilize various means to make learning enjoyable. Students will be engaged and intrigued while exploring the various historical events. Also, the tutors will always strive to keep lessons exam-oriented, so that the students will eventually acquire the relevant knowledge and skills to be proficient and ready for the A Level History examinations.

Know more about JC History tutor Justin Ng

Justin approaches the study of A Level History in a skills-oriented way, in which students are taught how to refine their history essay writing techniques. Justin has helped former students to unlock their learning potentials through consistent class practices. Also, the provision of personal consultations during and after classes has helped students to clear their doubts over certain concepts. By doing so, the students gained greater examination confidence, which contributed to the remarkable achievements.

Master the art of writing with our JC History Tuition programme

Students that join our JC History tuition classes will go through a rewarding learning experience that involves wide-ranging class activities. These classes are prepared by our very own history tutors that have utilized their teaching experience to focus on the critical areas of development, so that students can maximise their learning during each lesson. The classes are structured in two key components: topical re-teaching with content enrichment and class practice sessions.

Build a strong foundation in the comprehension of historical developments with our topical re-teaching lessons

During the topical re-teaching classes, the tutors will cover the different themes based on the latest SEAB A Level History syllabus for H1 and H2 History students. As it is inefficient for students to read the school notes on their own and develop the capabilities to write well, the tutors will examine the critical elements of each chapter. For example, factor identification to understand the reasons for the development of the global economy in the post-World War II period. Students will receive concise revision materials that facilitate the comprehension of information. These history notes are exam-oriented as students can use the points and explain in paragraphs for their essays.

Strengthen the application of essay writing skills and source based question answering techniques during the class practices

Once the students have acquired the relevant knowledge, they can proceed to undergo extensive revision. The reason is that students should test their ability to analyze the significance of contributing factors as well as impact of certain historical developments, since examination questions are structured in similar ways. Also, the tutors will conduct timed practices to simulate examination conditions, so as to reduce the exam apprehension that students may experience. By doing so, they will avoid the problem of facing ‘mental blocks’ that hinder students from planning and answering the exam questions.

Students can examine the latest JC History Tuition schedule and enroll in the classes. Call Simon at 96890510 or email to, if you require further clarifications about the tuition programme.

Read about the success stories of former students who joined our JC history tuition programme

The tutors are proud to share that our students overcame the odds and achieved success at the A Level History examinations. From the perspective of our tutors, they observed that the students never relented in their efforts to correct writing errors and improve conceptual understanding. Through utmost dedication and perseverance, the students’ efforts finally paid off. From these past experiences, the tutors are appreciative of the opportunities that they were given to teach these bright students. Discover how these students began their educational journeys and achieved their study goals.

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