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The Tampines Tuition Centre portal features, which specializes in the provision of GP tuition for students taking the A Level General Paper (8807). At the pre-tertiary level, it is mandatory for students to sit for the A Level GP examination as one of the key subjects, regardless of the Science or Arts stream that students have undertaken.

Our GP tuition programme is planned to meet the requirements of the latest GP syllabus set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). Students will develop critical thinking skills, form persuasive arguments and communicate their ideas clearly and accurately. Also, students will explore issues at the local and global levels, while covering a broad range of topics, such as environment, social media and science and technology. Once the students have completed their 2-year study of the A Level General Paper, they will be more informed about the current affairs of the world and competent in expression of ideas. These outcomes are much desired in the working world.

About, a renowned GP Tuition centre, was first established in Bishan and has now expanded to Tampines, offering GP tuition for JC1 and JC2 students and preparing them for the A Level General Paper examination. was founded by principal GP tutor Simon Ng, who has been educating and guiding students in the study of GP for two decades. By using the Sensible Minds teaching methodology, he helps students to develop the maturity of thought, language proficiency and opinionated thinking.

GP Notes and Resources on GP Tuition Singapore

GP Tuition Singapore by was set up in 2016 to provide students and parents an accessible and convenient online platform to find out more about our GP tuition programme. The platform goes hand-in-hand with our tuition curriculum and students are encouraged to participate on online discussions and to read additional GP resources and notes that are made available on the online platform. Through the GP education portal, we hope our students will hon their GP essays skills and GP comprehension skills to help them ace the 8807 General Paper examinations.

Why students should join our GP tuition?

Students who enrol in our GP tuition will discover usefulness and relevance of knowledge acquired from this A Level subject. Contrary to popular belief that A Level General Paper is merely a ‘general knowledge’ subject that can be studied by reading widely, our GP tutors will show students that the critical thinking and writing skills are even more crucial to excel in this subject. will help students to reap both the expected and unexpected benefits from the study of this subject, seen in terms of the knowledge gain and skills acquired.

Develop Opinionated Thinking

Based on the observations and feedback by both students and educators, the students in Singapore are habituated into rely on the teachers, in terms of learning approach and answering methods. This gives rise to the problem of ‘one-sided learning’, in which the students will accept the direction set by the teachers unquestioningly. This learning attitude is accentuated by the authoritative teachers who may rebuke students for their inquisitiveness and desire to approach questions from unconventional ways. Consequently, such learning methods hinder the development of opinionated thinking and self-directed learning, which are essential skills to stay competitive in the working world.

Students who enrol in our GP tuition programme will be given many opportunities to express themselves and form arguments independently. For example, the GP tutors will allow students to suggest reasons to explain the failure of government policies in mitigating the detrimental impacts of environmental degradation. Through active classroom participation, students will get accustomed to undergo spontaneous thinking and express ideas. These skills are put into practice, seen in terms of the GP essay writing and GP comprehension application question (AQ) sections.

Present clear and persuasive arguments in both verbal and written forms

The GP tuition programme features skills-oriented learning, in which students undergo extensive practice to develop the ability to write effectively to convince the readers. For some students, the transition from O Level English to A Level General Paper is significant as the latter focuses solely on argumentative writing. In contrast, the O Level English continuous writing component includes the option of narrative writing, which is not suitable at the pre-tertiary level of study.

As such, our GP tutors will help students to get used to this shift in learning focus by introducing various key aspects of argumentative essay writing. For example, students will learn how to start an essay with clear introduction that enables to reader to understand the essay direction. Also, students will be introduced to the skill of paragraph development, which covers components like causation writing and idea elaboration. One of the distinguishing elements of argumentative writing as compared to narrative essays is the usage of rebuttals, which are crucial in setting persuasive arguments. Through numerous practice sessions and guidance from our GP tutors, students will develop this critical skill that is applicable beyond the study of A Level GP.

Acquire insightful knowledge and perspectives about the world

Whilst it can be acknowledged that information is widely available, given the prevalence of digital gadgets for the tech-savvy students, students may lack the ability to discern the truth from the overabundance of information in the virtual world and on conventional media sources, like the newspapers. will impart students with the skills for information processing and analysis, so that they can determine whether the information is useful and relevant. For instance, the GP tutors will present past and present news and discuss the significance of information with students. The issue-based discussions are conducted with reference to the list of topics covered by the SEAB A Level GP syllabus. Through this learning approach, students will develop critical thinking skills and acquire useful knowledge that can be applied in many ways that complement with other subjects and beyond the educational journey.

Know More about our GP tutors and GP Tuition Singapore is managed by a team of passionate GP tutors who are driven in making the study of A Level General Paper an enjoyable and enriching process for students. The GP tutors utilize innovative ways to engage the students and adopt exam-oriented teaching methods, so as to ensure that the students excel at the GP examinations. Our GP tuition classes are structured in ways to ensure progressive learning, regardless of the competency level of JC1 and JC2 GP students.

About Principal & GP Tutor Simon Ng

Principal & GP Tutor Simon Ng is the founder and principal tutor of Ever since Simon graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS), he embarked on the teaching route. Simon firmly believes in the importance of nurturing students as they will will become the foundations for the future workforce. It has been an enriching and meaningful journey for Simon as he has identified different learning setbacks of students every year. In response, Simon has consistently refined his teaching approach and updated his revision materials to resolve these problems. As such, many students benefited from his meticulous teaching methods, especially the Sensible Minds methodology.

More about JC GP Tutor Justin Ng

JC GP Tutor Justin Ng focuses on the development of basic writing skills and the cultivation of inquisitive thinking, so that students can surmount the learning setbacks and achieve academic excellence for A Level GP. He utilizes exam-oriented revision materials and conducts class practices that will aid students in their educational endeavours. Through the instructional classes, students will become more proficient in their GP essay writing and comprehension answering skills. Justin is on his final year of study at the NUS. He also teaches O Level English, O Level/IGCSE Economics and A Level History.

What you can learn from

The GP tuition programme is comprehensive as it focuses not only in the transfer of essential knowledge about various issues, but also the development of thinking and writing skills. Under the guidance and tutelage of GP tutors, students will be inspired to achieve excellence for A Level GP. It has been proven to be possible, as exemplified by the success stories shared by former students of

If you have any queries regarding the GP tuition programme, please call Simon at 96890510 or email to

Regular GP Tuition Classes

During the regular GP tuition classes, students will undergo issue-based discussion that has in-depth coverage of overarching themes, like environment, youths, education, science and technology and culture. Diverse learning resources are utilized, such as online educational videos, so that students are engaged to study these topics meaningfully. Following the discussions, students will practise comprehension questions and write essays that related to the theme, so that they can retain and apply the knowledge in exam-oriented ways.

Intensive Revision Classes

During the intensive revision classes, students will undergo essay writing and comprehension techniques development workshops. The GP tutors will correct the errors of students and introduce exam-friendly strategies, so that students gain the competitive edge over their peers. The intensive revision programme is usually conducted during the school holidays, such as March, June and September, before the term examinations. Most importantly, there will be pre-A Level GP examination preparation for the J2 students, so that they are competent and equipped with the essential skills.

Testimonials from our GP Students

The GP tutors of would like to express their appreciation to former students that have overcame the odds and succeeded in the A Level General Paper examinations. We would like to acknowledge the tireless efforts of the students, who remained steadfast in difficult times. Although there were moments of frustrations due to the examination stress, these students did not relent, for they believed that success was within their grasp. As such, their perseverance bore fruit, seen in terms of the remarkable achievements. Through the personal experiences of our students, you will have a clearer idea of how our GP tuition is beneficial to all J1 and J2 students who are sitting for this demanding subject.

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