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Amongst the featured tuition centres in our Tampines Tuition Centre portal, Economics Focus provides specialized economics tuition programmes for students studying A Level Economics. Based on the most recent syllabus set by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB), students will be sitting for either H1 Economics (8819) or H2 Economics (9757) in the 2017/2018 examination.

A Level Economics is a humanities-based subject that covers both Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics relates to the study of choices made by both individuals, firms and governments and optimization of resource allocation. Macroeconomics involves the study of decisions made by governments in developed and developing countries and how they affect the economy.

What is Economics Focus?

Economics Focus is a specialized tuition centre that strives to nurture students who can read, analyze, discuss and write about the Economics issues proficiently through the utilization of Economics concepts and reference to real world examples. First established in Bishan, Economics Focus is bringing this renowned Economics tuition centre to Tampines under the tutelage of principal economics tutor Simon Ng, whose passion in education has inspired numerous students to push beyond their perceived limits and excel in A Level Economics.

Why students should join our Economics tuition?

Economics Focus specializes in the teaching of A Level Economics for JC students. We conduct economics tuition programmes that are geared towards the cultivation and refinement of essay writing skills and case study answering techniques. On top of the skills-based application exercises, our JC Economics tutors conduct topical re-teaching for students to broaden and deepen their knowledge of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. By being part of this profound educational journey, students will learn and grow intellectually, so as to become Rational Thinkers that Economics Focus seeks to achieve.

Revise efficiently with our concise and exam-oriented Economics notes

Based on the comprehensive feedback that we have collected from former students, we have found that one recurring studying obstacle is the lack of exam-friendly study materials to streamline the revision time for Economics. At the pre-tertiary education level, students are occupied with many content-heavy and practice-intensive subjects, such as JC History and JC Mathematics. As a result, they may face time constraints. At Economics Focus, our JC Economics tutors provide concise revisionary resources that will cut down the time spent on the topical-based revision, so that students can remember the critical key terms and concepts whilst retaining attention span and memory. Through this effective approach, students will have more time to attempt more practice questions, which should take precedence over the need to read through notes.

Develop essay writing skills and case study answering techniques

Economics Focus not only covers content enrichment and topical re-teaching, but also skills-based learning, which is an aspect that many students are unable to acquire and refine on their own effectively. Under the supervision and tutelage of our JC Economics tutors, students will develop the skills essential to excel in the Paper 1 and Paper 2 of A Level Economics.

Paper 1 CSQ

For Paper 1, which is the case studies (CSQ) component, the Economics tuition programme will guide students through the recognition of key terms, analysis of data in tables, figures and charts, integration of Economics concepts with contextual questions. The Economics tutors will go through the various case study questions with students during the classes and show them how to apply these essentials of case study application, so as to ace this paper.

Paper 2 Essay

For Paper 2, which refers to the essays, students will learn how to process the information provided by the preamble of the question, structure their answers and answer the question systematically. Also, our economics tuition programme will help students to develop strong time management skills, as we have found that many students, especially those who are new to the subject, are unable to complete their essays within the time limit. Therefore, our classes will include timed essay practices that help students to get used to the exam conditions.

Economics Focus conducts essay writing skills and case study answering techniques workshops during the school holidays, so that students can correct their mistakes and become better Economics learners.

Master A Level Economics in meaningful and enjoyable ways

Similar to the study of other abstract-looking subjects, Economics Focus encourages students to approach A Level Economics with an open mind. The rationale stems from the fact that Economics is all around us. The concepts taught are applicable in daily settings, such as the use of demand and supply analysis to explain why price of holiday tour packages surge during the school holidays. Our Economics tutors utilize relatable real world examples to illustrate to students how these concepts are useful and meaningful. In fact, some students may not realise that Economics is crucial in helping us to make informed decisions. That is why the classes offered by Economics Focus are not confined within the boundaries set by the conventional textbooks and school notes. Through our economics tuition programme, students will develop better appreciation towards Economics and gain insightful knowledge about the cyclical changes in the economies around the world.

Know More about our JC Economics Tutors

Economics Focus is not complete without its passionate and experienced tutors, who are instrumental in making the study of A Level Economics effective. Our JC Economics tutors utilize various teaching approaches to keep students engaged and focused on the classes. In addition, we recognise that every student has a different starting point, the Economics tuition programme is conducted in ways to facilitate progressive learning. Using a step-by-step approach, our instructional lessons will guide students through the essentials of mastering Economics concepts and the relevant techniques to apply. Regardless of the teaching approach, the Economics tuition programme is exam-oriented, so that students will develop the critical thinking skills and acquire essential knowledge that are required to ace A Level Economics.

About Principal and Economics Tutor Simon Ng

Simon Ng is one of the most renowned JC Economics tutor in Singapore. As the founder of Economics Focus, Simon has spearheaded the teaching curriculum and conduct of Economics tuition programme for the past two decades. Throughout the educational journey, many students have related their enriching experiences to the passionate tutor. Given his vast knowledge of Economics and business acumen, Simon provides many relatable examples and references that students can draw parallel comparisons to the case study extracts.

Simon graduated from the National University of Singapore and embarked on the teaching journey in the late 1990s, focusing on JC Economics and General Paper. Along the way, Simon has set up several tuition centre websites, such as, Economics Focus, as well as learning portals like SGEducators.

About Economics Tutor Justin Ng

Justin Ng teaches not only O Level English, O Level Economics, A Level History, but also A Level Economics. As a tutor of Economics Focus, Justin approaches the study of Economics in an application-based method, in which students learn how to write proficiently and succinctly. Justin uses references to real world examples to help students to develop the understanding of Economics concepts effectively. As for the skills application classes, Justin guides students through the development of answering techniques in a systematic way, thus ensuring that every student can cope with the pace of learning. Currently, Justin is on his final year of study at the National University of Singapore.

What can you learn from Economics Focus

Students who enrol in Economics Focus will learn how to tackle essay questions and case study questions effectively, in order to achieve A in A Level Economics. In our economics tuition programme, students will be taught by experienced JC economics tutors that have been instrumental in correcting the errors of students, imparting essential essay writing and case study answering skills, and motivating them to push beyond their perceived limits. Students will learn about the basic concepts of Economics that cover Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. In addition, students will be introduced to the various real world examples, both the past and present, so as to comprehend the applicability and relevance of Economics. Aside from the topical re-teaching, students will undergo extensive class practice, by attempting past year examination papers, in order to assess the competency level. After the practices are completed, the economics tutors will mark and review the answers of students and provide feedback, so that students will recognise their own mistakes and work towards minimizing their loss of marks due to these errors and raise the quality of answers.

At Economics Focus, our regular economics tuition classes and intensive revision programme are catered to both JC1 and JC2 students, including both H1 and H2 Economics. If you require further clarifications, please call economics tutor Simon Ng at 96890510 or email to


Economics Focus is happy to share with you the successes achieved in the momentous and eventful education journeys that our students have undergone. Over time, those who persevered were rewarded with exceptional grades . Hear about the personal experiences shared by our former students who have attended our Economics tuition and overcame the odds.

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