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Primary Tuition Hub

In addition to Tampines Tuition Centres, you can enrol your child in our primary English, Math and Science Tuition programmes at Primary Tuition Hub to achieve knowledge and skills competency. Primary Tuition Hub is one of the many learning portals that provides many useful study tips and educational guides that can enrich your child’s educational development. We also offer primary tuition classes that will help to make revision efforts productive and exam-friendly. Read on to find out how we can prepare your child for the examinations.

How Primary Tuition Hub prepares your child for A?

Realise your child’s educational goals by enrolling your child in our Primary tuition classes. Our tuition programmes comprise of weekly regular tuition classes, holiday and enrichment workshops. The diverse class activities will promote reflective thinking and provide numerous practice questions to give your child to competitive edge over the rest.

What We Offer?

In this section, you can learn more about the specific types of Primary Tuition programmes available for registration, namely primary English, Math and Science tuition. Given the differences in learning objectives for each subject, our classes will pinpoint the essential areas of study and provide exam-oriented resources to ensure that your child can meet the examination requirements.

Primary English Tuition

During the primary English tuition, we will teach your child the basics of English Language by covering areas, like grammar, vocabulary expansion and sentence formation. We also encourage your child to participate actively in order to become proficient in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Primary Math Tuition

Our primary Math tuition will equip your child with the fundamental knowledge and efficient answering methods to acquire problem-solving skills. We teach your child to approach math problems meticulously and introduce different methods to answer the questions effectively.

Primary Science Tuition

Enrol your child in our primary Science tuition to facilitate the development of inquiry and reasoning abilities, which are critical components to achieve academic excellence at the primary Science examinations. We introduce simple experiments with online videos to reinforce conceptual understanding.

PSLE Tuition

Register for the PSLE tuition classes to prepare your child for the challenges of the examination. Our PSLE English, Math and Science classes will aid primary 6 students to revise each topic and attempt many questions to be familiar with the variation, so as to raise confidence and improve competency.

Creative Writing Skills Development Tuition

We teach your child to express ideas and form sentences in interesting ways with our Creative Writing Skills classes. During the tuition programme, we show your child the different approaches to enhance writing in the English Language, such as the use of similes and metaphors, to captivate the readers.

Excel in Primary Examinations

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