A convenient and effective way to study.

In view of the disruptive effects of the COVID-2019 pandemic, online learning takes centrestage in ensuring that students can still accumulate knowledge and develop proficient answering techniques. Furthermore, the introduction of Home Based Learning (HBL) in the early 2020 has highlighted the importance of diversification to keep learning sustainable.

Why eLearning?

Why should you adopt online learning?

We have three reasons to explain why you should try eLearning, namely the comfort and convenience of online education, increased access to numerous practices for knowledge application and diversified ways for post-practice reviews.

Learn conveniently

Online learning is ideal for students who want to cut down their time spent on travelling. Instead, students can set up their study space at home and start learning from the comfort of their homes.

Revise consistently

eLearning is suitable for students as they can attempt many questions on the online platform. We have derived our vast question bank that contains myriad practices so that students can tap on it and revise regularly.

Review carefully

Since major examinations are the prime concerns of most students, our eLearning platform includes a virtual discussion room for student-tutor engagement. Using this approach, consultations can be carried out to review past practices productively.

How It Works?

Features of our eLearning

In consideration of the benefits of online learning, we have three distinctive features to empower you to learn effectively. Ultimately, we strive to create a conducive virtual environment for you to gain knowledge.

#1. Live-streaming classes for student participation

Similar to the conventional approach, we have real-time video discussion to support student-tutor engagement. You can ask questions and discuss the issues with the tutor online.

#2. Virtual Whiteboard for conceptual explanation

This Virtual Whiteboard is modelled after the physical whiteboard whereby the tutor can write on it to explain certain concepts or ideas clearly. You can download these digital illustrations for future reference.

#3. MyWork folder to organise your learning materials

Store your notes and marked practices in a private and secure digital folder. This MyWork folder is very much like your own folder that you bring along to school for classes.


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Study effectively through online learning

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