Lower Secondary Science Tuition Tampines Bedok Bishan

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Sign up for our Lower Secondary Science Tuition programmes conducted at Bishan, Bedok and Tampines. It will be a meaningful learning experience as we focus on encouraging your child to think inquisitively, analyse critically and answer systematically. Our classes are also exam-driven as we prepare your child to meet the demands of the examinations, which are derived from the syllabus requirements of SEAB.

Why Join our Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Our Lower Secondary Science Tuition programme will facilitate the development of thinking and writing abilities. In the context of science-related chapters, students will hone their observation skills by engaging in self-reflection and class discussions to form sound and logical judgments on the scientific outcomes. In this section, you can learn more about the benefits of our tuition.

We nurture your child to ask questions enthusiastically

We encourage your child to adopt a curious mindset to approach science-related issues carefully and think about the possibilities that may affect the experimental outcomes. We believe that the development of an inquisitive mindset is an important process to support your child’s comprehension of ideas and concepts.

We teach your child to analyse questions critically

We ensure that your child develops an analytical mind to become observant and meticulous in the answering of science questions. During the lower secondary science tuition, we provide useful tips on the areas of consideration when your child is answering specific question types. As such, your child can also handle challenging questions to be ahead of the competition.

We guide your child to write accurately and systematically

Given that science-related questions require students to provide essential keywords to attain the allocated marks, our tuition will feature class practices with sample questions to illustrate ideal answer approaches. Under the guidance of our tutors, your child will learn to list down the required ideas and organise the answers into clear sentences that contain the relevant keywords.

We equip your child with the skills to become exam-ready

Ultimately, our secondary science tuition places exam preparation as the top priority in our learning objective. As such, your child will be undergo topical revision to understand the key concepts well. Also, we introduce more class practices to familiarise your child with the areas of assessment to be expected at the examination. Hence, we prepare your child for excellence.

How We Teach for our Lower Secondary Science Tuition

In view of the above-mentioned benefits derived from our Lower Secondary Science Tuition, the following section will cover the specifics of our class activities to achieve the desired learning outcomes.

Demonstration and Discussion of Experiments

Our lower secondary science tuition will provide visual illustrations to generate interest and help your child to understand the implications of the experimental setups. Through the use of online videos and actual demonstrations, this approach helps to break down the abstract concepts and facilitate conceptual understanding.

Class Engagement and Reflection

Your child will strengthen thinking and answering skills by participating in class discussions, in which the tutors will introduce experimental setups and ask your child for the possible observed outcomes. The development of a hypothesis is an important thinking process that will help your child to reflect on the scientific issues to answer the structured questions with precision.

Practice Sessions and Exam Review

We also conduct class practices to gear up for the examination. In contrast to typical assessment books for self-study, our class practices feature modified past exam questions to test specific thinking abilities of your child and ensure that your child is exam-ready. Furthermore, we also organise exam review lessons, in which the tutors will explain the important aspects of the subject and what your child should be aware of to be prepared adequately.

Other Benefits For Our Lower Secondary Science Tuition

In addition to the benefits of our tuition programme, you can also receive these educational benefits by enrolling your child in our Lower Secondary Science tuition. These additional benefits are exclusive for those who have joined our tuition programmes.


Free Holiday Classes

By registering for our tuition, your child can join our holiday programmes for free. The classes are held during the March and June school holidays. These programmes will feature various activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment, to provide a fun-filled and meaningful vacation period for your child.


Free Monthly Workshops

Also, you can sign up for our monthly workshops, which are open to both parents and students. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to minimise errors and maximise mark attainment for the relevant subjects. For example, we organise Science workshops to focus on the development of expressive and exam-oriented writing.


Free Educational Guides

You will also receive educational guides (e-guides, in short) that are in soft-copy (PDF format) for easy access and reading. These e-guides will feature a wide range of subjects, in which essential issues are discussed. For example, our Science e-Guide will feature practice questions for your child to attempt and improve precision of answers.