Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition Tampines Bedok Bishan

Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

Join our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition programme, which will be organised and held at our Bishan, Bedok and Tampines tuition centres. In contrast to other humanities subjects, this programme will focus on three specific areas: English, History and Geography.

For Lower Secondary English Tuition, we will teach your child to understand the diverse types and styles of writing, such as descriptive and argumentative writing. Our interactive classes will nurture your child to express ideas creatively and fluently.

For Lower Secondary History Tuition, our teaching will shape your child to think systematically as we explore different historical issues and engage in class discussions to understand the significance of the related matters.

For Lower Secondary Geography Tuition, our lessons will equip your child with the knowledge and skills to investigate geographical issues and interpret the given data to make sound conclusions in an organized way.

Why Join our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

Although it may appear that the Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition cover unrelated subjects, such as the comparison made between English and History, our tutors believe that the teaching of these subjects is a complementary process. In particular, you will learn to synergise the skills of writing, such as idea expression, argument formation and general answer organization. In this section, you can find out more about the benefits of our programme.

Lower Secondary English Tuition

Recognise different formats and styles of writing

The study of English requires a firm grasp of diverse writing formats and styles, such as narrative and argumentative text types. Our English tuition will expose your child to different styles of expression and allow your child to apply the newfound knowledge to practice questions.

Communicate ideas clearly and confidently in written and spoken forms

Language proficiency is achieved through frequent application, seen in terms of active communication and writing. As such, our Lower Secondary English Tuition will engage your child to listen, speak, read and write to develop these essential skills in a conducive and encouraging learning environment.

Lower Secondary History Tuition

Comprehend the significance of historical issues

The study of History is done by examining historical issues from the 4 major themes, such as Tracing Singapore’s Origins and Life in Colonial Singapore. During the lessons, we engage your child to reflect on these topics and encourage opinion development to facilitate independent thinking.

Demonstrate proficiency in expressing historical knowledge coherently

We teach students to apply their newfound knowledge of History in the written form to facilitate exam preparation. With reference to the Historical Investigation (HI) segment stated in the syllabus, our lessons will promote reflective thinking as your child learns to seek information to comprehend the issues.

Lower Secondary Geography Tuition

Understand geographical issues and challenges

The process of learning Geography will be an enriching experience for your child as we cover the two main themes: Environment and Resources, as well as Urban Living. Lessons include conceptual explanation and example illustration to help your child understand the geographical challenges.

Interpret geographical data meticulously

Learn to conduct geographical inquiry as our lessons will equip your child with the skills of data extraction and analysis. We use example questions to demonstrate how such skills are applied and provide questions for your child to practise and internalise this important aspect of learning.

How We Teach for our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

In view of the above-mentioned benefits of our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition, read on to find out how our class activities will fulfil the learning objectives set out by the requirements of SEAB.


Content Enrichment and Discussion

We enrich your child’s study of the humanities subjects by covering a broad range of content to become more familiar with the different topics. Topical teaching of content will be effective in organising your study of the subjects as we provide summary notes to emphasise on more pertinent aspects.


Knowledge Application and Practices

We orientate the process of knowledge acquisition towards the application to questions as it is important to asses your child’s performance and level of understanding. Therefore, our lessons feature practice segments after the content teaching to guide your child through the application components.


Exam Preparation and Post-Review

At the end of the day, exam-readiness is the most critical consideration of the study. Therefore, our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition will conduct timed practices to simulate examination conditions as your child strives to demonstrate knowledge and skills competency.

In addition, we provide post-practice review sessions to provide feedback on the areas of improvement that your child should take into consideration. Progressive learning and monitoring are essential in ensuring that your child copes with the pace of study for these three subjects.

Other Benefits For Our Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

In addition to the benefits of our tuition programme, you can also receive these educational benefits by enrolling your child in our secondary Humanities tuition. These additional benefits are exclusive for those who have joined our tuition programmes.


Free Holiday Classes

By registering for our tuition, your child can join our holiday programmes for free. The classes are held during the March and June school holidays. These programmes will feature various activities, like exam preparation and knowledge enrichment, to provide a fun-filled and meaningful vacation period for your child.


Free Monthly Workshops

Also, you can sign up for our monthly workshops, which are open to both parents and students. Your child can learn how to develop effective exam strategies to minimise errors and maximise mark attainment for the relevant subjects. For example, we organise Humanities workshops to focus on the development of expressive and well-structured writing.


Free Educational Guides

You will also receive educational guides (e-guides, in short) that are in soft-copy (PDF format) for easy access and reading. These e-guides will feature a wide range of subjects, in which essential issues are discussed. For example, our History and Geography e-Guide will feature practice questions for your child to attempt and improve precision of answers.