At Tampines Tuition Centres, Singapore, we offer information and teaching guidance which will be helpful in the provision of primary tuition for students in Tampines and other parts of Singapore. This educational portal will provide information on primary tuition programmes offered by the respective well-known tuition centres found in the region of Tampines, Bedok, Changi and Pasir Ris, Simei.

Primary English Tuition in Tampines

The study of any language can be a daunting one, and the same can be said about English language at the Primary school level. English at primary levels focuses on effective writing, reading and communication allowing students to be fluent in both the nuances of vocabulary and grammar. Our featured Tampines tuition centres will help guide students in a progressive manner so that they will be able to master the english language when it comes to the PSLE Examinations. Lessons are conducted by proficient and experienced tutors who will make english lessons effective for primary school students, supplementing them with tips and tricks to go about learning English.

Primary Maths Tuition in Tampines

PSLE mathematics focuses on imparting basic mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction to students. It is a highly essential skill because it is applicable to everyday life and students will be required to apply these concepts to the world around them. Mathematics can be a tricky subject especially for beginners who have yet to master the fundamentals, that is why we have dedicated tuition classes for primary school mathematics that are taught by highly skilled tutors who will help ensure primary school students are able to grasp fully, every mathematical concept. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of mathematical questions so that they will be well versed to tackle any type of question that comes out for the PSLE examinations.

Primary Science Tuition in Tampines

For science on the primary level students will be taught various concepts to generate curiosity about our environment so as to relate to their everyday observations. We feature Primary science tuition classes that will not only arm students with ample knowledge on science concepts but also help them spark a genuine interest in science. Our science tuition classes conducted by our featured tuition centres also go beyond the mere confines of the classrooms, we hold field trips* to science centres, nature reserves to allow students to experience first hand how our environment functions allowing them to gain better insight into key scientific concepts. It will also instill in them the ability to observe, interpret and analyze, all of which are key aspects and requirements of primary school science.

Get Education Tips

In this fast-paced and knowledge-based society, parents need to be constantly updated with information that will help them better educate and enrich their children with skills and information, making them better learners of the 21st century. As examination formats incline towards assessing thinking and creative skills, we provide students and parents tips and tricks to handle the new and often unprecedented question types that result. We aim to imbue in our young learners the attitude and interest for learning and education that will make them smart learners in the knowledge-based economy.

At this education portal, students will learn more on how to think creatively, write more effectively, develop new skills on how to study smart and hone their strengths and resilience in their learning journey.

Educational videos for primary tuition

Our academic team and the educators from will provide students with educational videos that will be sure to enrich the learning experience of students. These videos are carefully and intricately crafted so that it is engaging yet informative for primary school students. Through these videos we hope to make learning enjoyable and accessible for every student going through Primary education.

Videos help to present concepts to students in a livelier and more illustrative manner, helping them to increase understanding of certain topics and concepts. Moreover, given that ‘video’ is the main medium many use to receive information nowadays, we hope that students will find this form of learning more exciting rather than just reading and writing. Videos also help us present certain concepts in ways textbooks cannot, and we will be able to take learning to whole new heights.

Primary tuition centres in Tampines and Singapore

Our selected primary tuition centre within the vicinity of Tampines, Bedok, Changi and Pasir Ris will be sure to cater to the needs of every student. Our tuition centres are headed by experienced and highly qualified tuition teachers who have, for years produced good results. We understand that Primary education is increasingly getting tougher and more competitive for students, that is why it is in our vision to help primary school students with this transition and this journey so that they can eventually come out victorious when they receive their PSLE results. Each class in every of our tuition centres are modelled and designed to maximise learning for students by cultivating a nurturing environment for Primary School students.

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