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The GCE A level examinations are one of the, if not most toughest periods of a JC student’s lives. The 2 years spent in Junior College are dedicated towards preparing for the A level examinations and it can be a very stressful period for students if they are not aware of the correct study techniques they can apply. With the vast amount of content and subjects each student has to cope with, there is no doubt students will have to study hard. However studying smart is also imperative because with the correct study techniques and tips, students will find that it will be so much easier during this period. To acquire these useful tips and techniques, students can turn to our featured JC Tuition Centres on our  Tampines tuition Centres website to learn more. Through our exam oriented approaches and tailored classes, we offer effective solutions for students so that they can excel in in their A level examinations!

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General Paper Tuition in Tampines

The A level General paper is a physically and mentally demanding subject as it expects students to be in touch with current affairs and real world issues and to stay engaged in recent or past events. Our featured tuition centres are headed by reputable GP tutors who will aid students to acquire the necessary skills needed to formulate clear and sound arguments that relate back to a given topic. Through our GP tuition classes, students will be exposed to a wide array of topics and real world examples that will be sure to equip each and every student with the ‘ammunition’ needed to ace their GP examinations.

Economics Tuition in Tampines

The study of economics is both an interesting yet daunting subject. Interesting because it teaches students how our economies and financial systems are run. Daunting because there are a number of technical jargons present within the subject. Economics is highly applicable to everyday life. Our featured Tampines tuition Centres are helmed by renowned and dedicated tuition teachers who will provide students with quality O and A level economics tuition necessary for them to excel in this subject. During each lesson, students are provided with useful economics notes, essay writing and case study practice papers, on top of the extensive revision classes nearer to exam dates.

JC Chemistry Tuition in Tampines

Chemistry is taught by our tutors through imparting the skills of experimental and practical chemistry to students in an engaging manner so that each student develops and informed interest in chemistry. Each lesson is dedicated to teaching and helping students with conceptual explanation, skills application, experimental illustrations and practice questions. This is to ensure every student is well versed in the various aspects and requirements of the chemistry paper at A levels.

JC History Tuition in Tampines

History at JC level is a subject that is very content heavy and students are required to remember large amounts of facts and apply it to specific topic related questions. That is why here, our dedicated history tutors will help students learn with understanding and not just memorise for the sake of it. Our tutors hold classes that will not only include ample topical based revision notes and practice questions, but will also aim to make history lessons come alive through interesting videos and even field trips*. Most importantly students will be exposed to a wide range of questions that will be sure to prepare them for their History examinations.

Get Useful Educational Tips by our JC Tuition at Tampines

Here, our renowned, featured tuition centres on Tampines tuition Centres will help each student cultivate critical thinking, promote independent learning, and to grasp real world examples. Cultivating critical thinking skills is at the core of our specialties. We help students to write proficiently, and to be more articulate and expressive through causation, rebuttals and perspective analysis. We believe that promoting independent learning is one step towards developing a holistic education. By encouraging self directed learning beyond the four walls of the classroom, it teaches students initiative and responsibility. Lastly, comprehending real world examples will aid students to bridge the gap between conceptual knowledge and empirical evidence. Through this, students will learn how to apply these concepts to come up with solutions to real world problems.

Educational Videos for JC Tuition at Tampines

The study of A Level subjects can be refined and improved on with the use of e-learning and educational videos. These are some of the distinctive features of our JC tuition programme that will make learning fun and effective at the same time. The visually pleasing animated videos will keep the students engaged, while the important points are discussed. In contrast to static forms, the illustrations presented in the e-learning videos will make it easier for students to comprehend the concepts and processes taught in the respective subjects. For example, our JC economics e-learning videos explain to students how sustainable economic growth can be attained with the demand-side and supply-side policy implementation. Besides, the tutors also ensure that the videos are useful for exam preparation as exemplified by the reference to past examination questions, coupled with the elaboration of points in answering these questions. Hence, acing the A Level examination is within the grasp of tech-savvy students.

JC Tuition Centres in Tampines and Singapore

Students can sign up with the JC tuition centres in Tampines. Situated in the eastern part of Singapore, students who live in the vicinity can attend classes after their school programmes on weekdays or even revise for exams during the weekends. These tuition centres offer well-structured teaching curriculum that are exam-focused as the tutors will emphasize on the development of essential exam techniques to raise the quality of answers. Also, the motivated tutors will identify the mistakes that students make and suggest feasible solutions to overcome them. Through the rigorous practice sessions conducted at these JC tuition centres, students can build their confidence and acquire the necessary skills to succeed at the A Level examinations.

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