Achieve success at all Academic levels of education

Students who aspire for greatness in the educational journey can enrol in our tuition centres, which provide primary, secondary and JC tuition. As every level has a different area of focus and set of requirements, the tuition programmes are structured in ways to ensure progressive learning. Also, students will be guided by approachable tutors that are motivated to help them excel in the respective subjects.

Building a firm foundation with our primary tuition programmes

At the initial stage of learning, students who join our primary tuition classes will be exposed to the critical subjects, namely English, Math and Science, aside from Mother Tongue. Due to the limited knowledge that students have, the primary tuition classes will be focused on the development of basic skills, so that they can refine these skills after ascending to higher levels of education. For example, students taking the primary English tuition classes will develop a firm grasp of vocabulary and grammar skills through the thematic-focused way of learning. Ultimately, the primary tuition classes will prepare the students for the high stakes Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Diversify your knowledge and explore new areas of learning via the secondary tuition classes

Following the primary level education, students can proceed with the secondary tuition classes. They will be introduced to more subjects that broaden their understanding of language, science- and humanities-related topics. Given the unique learning preferences of students, they will select their desired subjects and embark on either the science or humanities stream. The classes will cover more in-depth content and skills development, while building on pre-existing knowledge from primary education. Due to the diversity of subjects, it will be an enriching journey that the students will undertake, whilst pursuing excellence at their O (Ordinary) Level examinations.

Tuition Centres Offering O Level Tuition

Develop critical thinking skills and learn independently with our JC tuition programmes

Students taking the A (Advanced) Level examinations can enroll in our JC tuition classes. At this stage of education, students may find the exam requirements and content coverage demanding. Therefore, our JC tutors provide constructive and feasible solutions to overcome these study-related challenges, such as time and stress management skills. Furthermore, at the A Level, students have to veer away from the typical misconception of using rote learning to answer examination questions. Instead, the JC tuition programmes will facilitate the cultivation of critical thinking skills, which is vital to ensure employability in the working world. For example, students will learn how to assess problems in multifaceted ways and formulate appropriate and possible solutions to surmount them. The main purpose of JC education is to prepare students for tertiary education at local and overseas universities, so as to become skilled and knowledgeable individuals of the future.

Tuition Centres Offering A Level Tuition