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SGEducators is an education guide for both students and parents. It serves as an educational portal that provides both students and parents with subject-specific information, study notes, educational videos and even guides to the most renowned tuition centres in Singapore. With convenient mobile applications, regular ebooks and publications, students can receive up-to-date information on subjects relating to Primary, Secondary and JC levels.

What is SGEducators about?

SGEducators was formed as an online educational guide for primary, secondary and JC students. As it can be a challenging and troublesome process to access information from various sources and decide on the appropriate educational path to take, SGEducators address the root of this problem by acting as a centralised online platform to help parents and students. We understand that many users are turning to the digital gadgets to make queries, therefore SGEducators hinges on this preference to provide a steady stream of information about the education sector.

About primary tuition centres in Singapore

SGEducators covers different subjects, such as primary english tuition, primary math tuition and primary science tuition. These subjects are taught by professional and passionate tutors from the featured tuition centres in Singapore

About secondary tuition centres in Singapore

Students at the secondary level can enrol in the renowned secondary tuition centres in Singapore that cover various subjects, like secondary english tuition, secondary math tuition, secondary physics tuition and secondary chemistry tuition. The featured tutors of SGEducators are approachable and effective in ensuring that students can cope with the pace of learning.

About JC tuition centres in Singapore

At the pre-tertiary level, students can enrol in the education programmes offered by the JC tuition centres of SGEducators. We provide JC GP tuition, economics tuition, JC physics tuition, JC maths tuition, JC chemistry tuition and JC history tuition. The tutors, such as JC GP tutor Simon Ng, are driven and believe in ensuring that all students unlock their learning potential, so as to attain success in their A Level subjects.

Learn effectively with our educational resources

SGEducators feature useful learning tools and resources that students can tap onto to improve their knowledge about the primary, secondary and JC subjects. Students who are new to a particular subject can read and learn more about the latest SEAB syllabus to understand the subject requirements and examination format. For students who are in the midst of preparation for an examination, they can check out the articles that feature different topics, such as exam strategies to employ and how to correct common mistakes made for specific subjects. One key strength of this SGEducators learning portal is that it can be access from our smartphone app, which makes it convenient and useful.

Be inspired to excel with our primary, secondary and JC tutors at SGEducators

One common goal that all educators and students in Singapore have in mind is to ace the examination, regardless of the level of education. Tutors from SGEducators also hold that aspiration and believe that it should be an achievable goal for students who join our tuition programme. As such, students will be taught by passionate tutors who have formulated numerous creative and engaging ways to make learning enjoyable. Also, the primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes are exam-oriented, implying that they are geared towards helping students to become exam-ready, so as to excel in their studies.

Learning conveniently and enjoyably with our SGEducators apps

SGEducators feature many different learning apps, including, the SGEducators App,  EconsStudies and GPStudies, that will help students to become knowledgeable and proficient in their studies. The apps are available for download on the AppStore and Google PlayStore. The content from these smartphone applications are prepared by experienced educators who have ensured that the content are relevant, up-to-date and exam-oriented for students to read. Furthermore, questions are available inside the apps, so that students can test their knowledge and determine whether they are ready to sit for the examinations. Besides, students can access information about the primary, secondary and JC tuition centres via the app.

Improve your writing and answering techniques with our essays and articles at SGEducators

Students and parents can make full use of our educational resources at SGEducators. The materials are arranged by different subjects and by the primary, secondary and JC levels. These resources are prepared by our experienced educators, such as JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng of Economics Focus. For the writing-based subjects, students can read and understand the requirements of the subject and refine their writing skills. For the science and mathematical subjects, students can identify the key components and practise the questions featured to hone their answering techniques.