Secondary Tuition Singapore

Secondary Tuition Singapore provides the latest educational information and trends to help our students in their revision and learning. As the secondary level questions become more complex and multilayered, students are expected to have critical thinking skills and smart techniques to tackle such obstacles. Thus, Secondary Tuition Singapore seeks to provide the resources and help needed for our students to excel at their O Levels Examinations.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - Secondary English Tuition

Sec English Tuition

Under our secondary English tuition classes, students will refine their writing and communication skills and develop the ability to apply their vocabulary usage to real life scenarios.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - Secondary Math Tuition

Sec Math Tuition

Students enrolling in the secondary Math tuition classes will be guided on how to tackle different question types and relate difficult problems to the mathematical concepts and formulas they have learned already.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Lower Sec Science Tuition

Lower Secondary Science students will be introduced to the foundations of Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Observational and inferential skills will be imparted to them to aid them in the understanding and answering of questions.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Sec Chemistry Tuition

A variety of teaching methods will be applied to explain abstract key Chemistry concepts like Electrolysis to our students, allowing them to comprehend scientific processes easier.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - Secondary Physics Tuition

Sec Physics Tuition

In order to master O Levels Physics, students will be coached on the understanding of Physics concepts and have their doubts addressed. Past year examination questions will be provided to aid them in their learning.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - Secondary Economics Tuition

Sec Economics Tuition

In Secondary Tuition Classes, students will be taught how to analyze economic datas and come up with concise, sound arguments for their essay. The basics of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics will be examined.

O Level Syllabus

Keep updated on the latest O Levels syllabus

As the O Level syllabus content is always changing to maintain relevancy in our current world, it is important that students and parents have a convenient online platform to view the latest O Levels syllabus. Thus, Secondary Tuition Singapore provides the latest, up-to-date syllabus information for students to use. Students will be able to recognise the areas of learning and revise intelligently.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - O Level English Syllabus

O Level English Syllabus

O Level English students have to master their writing, reading, listening and speaking skills in order to excel at their examinations. They must be familiar with the different types of formats, like formal letter, report and speech.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - O Level Economics Syllabus

O Level Economics Syllabus

Students taking economics in the secondary level will learn how to analyze economic data and apply their knowledge to predict future trends and changes. Assessment of a student’s ability is purely on their writing skills.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - O Level A Math Syllabus

O Level A Math Syllabus

For students taking O Level A Math, they must have an in-depth understanding of the 3 themes, Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry and Calculus. Students have to acquire the ability to handle all possible permutations of questions and use their problem-solving skills to solve them.

Tampines - Secondary Tuition Singapore - O Level E Math Syllabus

O Level E Math Syllabus

Basic understanding of mathematical concepts like Numbers & Algebra, Geometry & Measurement and Statistics & Probability is needed for students to solve problem sum questions in the O Levels E Math examinations.

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Featured Sec Tuition Centres

Attain useful exam techniques at our tuition centres

Secondary Tuition Singapore features other tuition centres that aims to foster a rational mind and sensible thinking in our students. These other tuition centres included AOStudies, and Distinction Tutorial School. Each have been carefully planned to suit the varying needs of our students.With this focus in mind, students will be well prepared to attain good grades in the upcoming O and N Level examinations.

eLearning Portals

Enhance the learning experience

Secondary Tuition Singapore host a series of online portals that serve as an interconnected network for students, parents and educators to collaborate and share information with each other. The learning portals have been sorted according to region like Bishan Tuition Centres and level like Primary Tuition Singapore. Using this online resource will greatly aid students in their revision and skills attainment.

Education News

Gain more information about educational issues

The Education News column features articles written by our experienced tutors that are related to educational matters in the secondary level. Students and parents can find out more about the latest O Level examinations trends and changes and subject combination. Useful exam tips and smart strategies to avoid crucial errors in exams are also provided to raise our student’s competency.