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Primary Tuition Singapore is an online educational portal that focuses on providing the latest information on tuition schedules and subject-specific matters for primary school students living in the eastern region. Through a variety of teaching methodologies and fun-filled class activities, students will gain an interest in their learning and be curious about the world around them. An active imagination will be cultivated and students will apply their creativity to solve real world problems.

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Pri English Tuition

With the guidance of our Primary English tutors, our students will develop the passion for English and be motivated to write clear and concise essays for their examinations. Mastery of basic grammar and vocabulary will be attained.

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Pri Math Tuition

In our Primary Math Tuition classes, students will learn to appreciate the importance of mathematics in our everyday life and how it is applicable to solve real world problems. Quick thinking and problem thinking skills will be imparted to our students to help them grasp complicated mathematical concepts.

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Pri Science Tuition

Our Primary Science Tuition classes provide well-summarised notes and mind maps to aid students in the understanding of key scientific concepts and study effectively with these resources. This will value-add their learning experience.

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School Holiday Programmes

Primary school students can join us for field trips and educational tours which aim to broaden their knowledge and expand their horizons. Workshops to generate interests in non-academic areas are also organized like learning to make handicraft. All of this helps to provide our primary school students with a holistic learning experience.

PSLE Syllabus

Access the latest primary syllabus to stay updated

As the focus and goals of education is ever-changing, the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) change the primary syllabus every few years to make sure it stay relevant to prepare our students for the challenges of the future. Primary Tuition Singapore provides the latest primary syllabus for students and parents to use as reference for their revision and learning. By having a greater awareness of the areas of learning, parents can guide their students more confidently with the help of our experienced tutors.

Tampines - Primary Tuition Singapore PSLE English Syllabus

PSLE English Syllabus

Students must be proficient in their writing, reading and communication skills to excel at the PSLE English examinations. With a thematic teaching approach, students will be familiarised with the different question types and be able to draw comparisons with their own personal experience.

Tampines - Primary Tuition Singapore PSLE Math Syllabus

PSLE Math Syllabus

For students taking primary math, our primary tutors will help to reinforce their conceptual understanding by applying the various mathematical concepts to real world scenarios. Students will develop the problem-solving skills required to tackle challenging mathematics questions.

Tampines - Primary Tuition Singapore PSLE Science Syllabus

PSLE Science Syllabus

For PSLE Science, students are expected to develop the flexibility to apply the various scientific concepts in versatile ways. They will be trained on their inference, observation and analysis of scientific experiments that simulate real world applications.

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Primary Tuition Singapore is an online portal that is part of SGEducators, the main national-level portal that links all the regional-based, subject-based and level-based portal. Students and parents can read up on articles about productive learning and intelligent ways of exam preparation that are written by our tutors and professionals. Through SGEducators, learning and success go hand in hand.

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It is important for students and parents to always be aware of the latest educational trends and matters as it may greatly affect their child’s career plans and study choices. As such, Primary Tuition Singapore provides an Education News section for students to read up on articles relating to their studies on their own free time. We hope this section will be helpful in your child’s learning.