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GP Tuition Singapore was established to provide online resources like thematic content and sample essays for students taking General Paper in the A level examination. Its main aim is to empower students with the critical writing and thinking skills needed to realise their true abilities to do well in their examination. Under the guidance of our experienced tutors, students will be able to analyze and evaluate comprehension passages  and learn effective study strategies.

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Education play a major role in the development of our students where it empower them through acquisition of knowledge. Education is necessary for career fulfillment and economic success. However, opponents state that it actually promote elitism and income inequality, dividing our society.

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Science & Technology

With the proliferation of technological advancement, our modern society is safer, more comfortable and convenient. Our quality of life has improved tremendously. However, some argue it has come at the expense of our environment and our moral and ethical values.

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Social Media

The introduction of social media has affected the way we communicate and share information with each other. It is being used as a tool for social changes and political agenda. Learn how social media influence our modern societies.

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Discover how modern developments has changed the way people view marriages. Traditionally, marriage is seen as a sacred unbreakable bond between two peoples. However, the rise of divorces and singlehood has challenged the very notion of marriage.

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Cultures are significant to many people as it represents their set of beliefs and values. It shapes their identities and reinforce their behaviours. However, with the rise of globalization, archaic and traditional cultures are being threatened. Understand how these developments affected our modern societies.

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Youths is defined as the period between childhood and adulthood. For some, being young means greater freedom to pursue your own goals and aspirations. However, with greater responsibilities and stress from studies, youths are beginning to face their own set of challenges. Learn whether it is better to be young or old in our current landscape.

GP Tuition Programmes

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GP Tuition Singapore featured programmes that are specially made to improve our students’ abilities to write and analyze the different essay and comprehension types. With the presence of our experienced tutors, students will be guided on the way to effectively apply their knowledge to solve GP questions.

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GP Tuition

Many GP class activities have been prepared to hone our students’ skills and prepare them for their A Levels examinations. Intensive revision classes are conducted on a weekly basis to provide consistency to the learning of essential GP issues.  Proper writing skills and techniques are taught so that students will have a easier time tackling the myriad of GP essay and comprehension questions.

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GP Tuition Singapore has a series of classes that are tailored to suit the needs of students. As students are faced with many societal responsibilities, their schedule may be packed and hectic. As such, we provide multiple time slots for our classes so that students will be able to organize their schedule more effectively and attend our tuition programmes.

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Creative thinking and skills development are focused here at GP Tuition Singapore. Students are encouraged to reflect and think innovatively on the various GP issues. With the guidance of GP tutors, students will discuss the crux of issues relevant to the A Level exam, allowing them to gain a better understanding and awareness to succeed.

GP Exam Skills

Mastery of skills necessary for academic excellence

Cultivation of critical writing and analytical skills is essential for the achievement of success at the A Levels examinations. Students will be taught the answering techniques for essay and comprehension questions and how to apply them effectively.

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GP Essay Writing Skills

GP Tuition Singapore place emphasis on imparting essay writing skills to our students as a good essay is needed for students to excel at the GP A Level examinations. Students will be exposed to a variety of essay questions to familiarise and practice. Mock essay tests are conducted for students to gauge their writing ability for preparation for their examinations.

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GP Comprehension Skills

GP Tuition Singapore also makes sure that students have the necessary comprehension skills to do well for Paper 2 of the GP A level examinations. Tutors are focused on honing the study techniques and tips needed to solve inferential and analytical comprehension questions.  Students will be able to summarise effectively and apply their knowledge properly.

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GP Resources

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GP Resources like notes, essays and videos are offered to our students to further enhance their learning. These resources will be beneficial to students as they can learn effectively while on the go. They are not confined by the need to use physical learning materials.

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GP Notes

GP Notes are written in a clear and concise way for our students to understand and comprehend easily. They highlight the crucial issues of each themes, allowing for students to learn key terminologies and apply them in their essays and comprehension.

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GP Essays

Students are also provided with sample model essays for them to look through and emulate. They will be able to pick up on the essential writing techniques and refine their writing style.

Tampines - GP Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Syllabus


Understanding of the A Levels GP syllabus is essential for students to succeed as it help to raise their awareness of the areas of learning they need to work on. Up-to-date and relevant information are provided, like examination format and learning objectives.

GP Tutors

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Here at GP Tuition Singapore, we have a team of competent and highly motivated tutors waiting to impart their knowledge and guidance to their students. They will help students to navigate the challenges of GP and the ability to tackle different forms of questions.

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