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Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres, Singapore is an online education portal established to help students and parents to find out more about the education scene in Singapore. Similar to the Tampines Tuition Centre portal, we feature primary, secondary and JC tuition centres that are geared towards the achievement of academic success. Given the stiff competition in the high stakes examinations, parents have been searching frantically for reliable tutors to help their children excel. Although there are many tuition centres that provide academic assistance, parents are uncertain of the suitability of the tuition programmes offered.

Therefore, we have carefully selected and featured notable tuition centres in our Bishan Tuition Centres portal that share the common pursuit of excellence. Students who enroll in any of these primary, secondary and JC tuition centres will be guided by passionate tutors that work tirelessly to refine their revision materials and lessons.

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Economics Focus

Economics Focus specializes in the provision of economics tuition for students taking the A Level Economics. Under the guidance of JC economics tutor Simon Ng, students who are studying H1 Economics and H2 Economics will develop effective essay writing skills and case study answering techniques.

During the economics regular tuition classes, students will receive concise revision notes that are prepared by the tutors personally. These learning materials are useful in providing a quick revision of the key concepts, so that students have more time to attempt questions. On top of the concise notes, students will go through topical re-teaching, which is effective in facilitating the revision of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics chapters. The purpose of regular tuition is to build a strong foundation for students in their conceptual understanding, so that they can handle the questions that test the integration of topics, which are commonly found in school preliminary and the A Level Economics examinations.

Also, Economics Focus features intensive revision programme that will be effective for students who want to correct their mistakes and refine answering skills for essay and case study questions. The intensive revision classes are conducted during the school holidays, while students are preparing for the upcoming examinations. Similarly, the final A Level Economics examinations final preparation will be held in October for J2 H1/H2 Economics students.

General Paper - Bishan Bukit Timah Tampines - Tuition Singapore Logo is founded by principal GP tutor Simon Ng, who has taught many JC students. It focuses on the provision of GP tuition for students who are sitting for the A Level General Paper examination (8807). Students that enroll in our GP tuition classes will be guided by GP tutors that are proficient in imparting the essential thinking and writing skills.

At the regular GP tuition classes, the GP tutors will conduct issue-based discussion that covers wide-ranging topics that can be related to the past and present issues at the local and global levels. In the coverage of each theme, students will study according to a structured curriculum that covers factor identification, positive and negative impacts of the issues and evaluation of solutions to address certain problems. Through the rigorous teaching by the GP tutors, students will establish a strong foundation in the comprehension of issues and knowledge application to answer the comprehension questions and write coherent essays.

As for the intensive revision programme, the students will go through numerous practice sessions that are geared towards the refinement of essay writing skills and comprehension answering methods. The GP tutors will break down the skills development into manageable portions, so that students can keep up with the pace of learning. In the Comprehension component, students will identify the different skills used to attempt short answer questions, like extraction of ideas and method of inference. As for the GP essay section, students will be taught how to generate perspectives to answer the question and apply essential skills like rebuttals and categorization to refine the quality of answers.

JC History Tuition - Bishan Bukit Timah Tampines - Tuition Singapore Logo, which is managed by, provides specialized tuition for JC students taking the A Level History examination. The JC history tutors, Wesley Quah & Justin Ng will guide students, who are studying for H1 History (8814) or H2 History (9752), through the content-intensive subject and show them the ways to read, comprehend and write effectively. In view of the recent changes in the A Level History syllabus dictated by the SEAB, has evaluated the new teaching content and structure, so as to make the necessary updates.

For the regular JC history tuition classes, students will undergo thematic-based discussion and content enrichment, so as to develop a profound understanding of the themes covered in the overarching areas of International History (Paper 1) and History of Southeast Asia (Paper 2). For Paper 1, students will cover the major themes of the Cold War, Global Economy and International Peace and Security. For Paper 2, students will discuss the themes of Political Stability, Economic Development, and Conflict and Cooperation. Under each theme, the JC history tutor will provide concise notes to carry out the topical re-teaching. In addition, source based questions and essays are provided to intensify the learning of specific themes.

For the intensive revision programme, students will develop effective essay writing skills and source based question answering techniques, so as to excel in the A Level History examination. As the revision lessons are conducted during the school holidays in preparation for the examinations, the JC history tutors will adopt a step-by-step approach in showing students how to improve their application techniques. Following extensive class practices, the essays and source based question answers are reviewed by the tutors. Students will identify their mistakes and receive feedback on how to minimize errors in the subsequent attempts. Through this carefully calibrated teaching approach, students will improve the quality of answers and eventually excel at the examinations.

Learning Experiences Redefined

One recurring feedback made by many batches of students is the dull and monotonous nature of textbook-based teaching. Students find it difficult to absorb the factual information by listening to the educators narrate the text that can be read independently. The tutors at the featured Bishan tuition centres do not solely rely on conventional teaching methods to impart knowledge and skills to students. Instead, the tutors capitalize on the proliferation of technology to augment learning methods, so as to generate interest and raise the efficiency of comprehension and information processing.

Watch e-learning videos to understand key concepts

Students who enroll in our featured tuition centres at Bishan will discover the effectiveness of using educational videos to learn. Many students may not realise how useful online resources can be, while they spend most of their leisure time playing games or browsing social media sites. If students encounter any complex term or concept that they do not comprehend, watching a video can overcome this learning obstacle.

The distinct difference between an educational video and textbook-based learning is that the former is more visually appealing. Research has shown that the more senses a student uses to learn (i.e. the 5 senses – sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste), the better the retainment of information. In this case, students who watch a video will utilize their hearing and sight, whereas reading a book only requires the sense of sight. Furthermore, a video can capture complex ideas that are difficult to explain in words. For example, a video can explain the process of photosynthesis.

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Acquire knowledge conveniently with our Bishan Tuition Centres Apps

Whenever students require certain information, the first resource to rely on is the smartphone. The accessibility of the Internet has increased the degree of utilization in the recent times, such that educators have been studying the impacts of ‘Googlization’ on learning habits. To avoid the scenario of students lacking a clear sense of direction in finding reliable information, the Bishan Tuition Centres App was developed.

The app can be used by both parents and students to obtain essential information about the featured tuition centres in our regional portal. In addition, students can read the latest educational articles written by experienced tutors to improve their understanding of the various issues relating to education in Singapore. The articles cover many topics, such as general issues on the considerations to make when selecting either the Science or Humanities stream at the Upper Secondary or Junior College levels. More subject-specific issues are also discussed, like the essential tips that students should take note of when preparing for their JC Economics case study and essay examinations.

The key feature of this app is that students and parents need not browse through numerous pages on the search engine results to clear their doubts on the suitability of tuition centres to enroll with and academic-related matters.

Be well-informed about your studies with our Online Learning Blog

The educational journey of students at the primary, secondary and JC levels can be perceived as stressful and demanding. Students are required to attend lessons at schools, participate in extra co-curricular activities (CCAs, in short) and sign up for enrichment classes during the weekends. Due to the scarcity of time, students have to learn how to maximise their time and learn efficiently.

Therefore, Bishan Tuition Centres, Singapore features an Online Learning Blog that contains insightful articles written by prolific tutors from the tuition centres mentioned in this educational portal. The articles are accessible from our Bishan Tuition Centres app. The issues covered are not only to raise awareness about the study issues, but also provide useful resources that can complement with the revision process. For example, some tuition centres provide concise revision notes to summarise chapters, so that students can download and view at their own time.

While this Online Learning Blog is useful in providing an additional channel to acquire educational resources, students are highly encouraged to attend the primary, secondary or JC tuition programmes offered by the featured Bishan tuition centres, so as to become exam-ready.