Educational Mobile Apps for Singapore Students

Learning materials at your fingertips

The increased utilization of digital gadgets has influenced the learning behaviour of students in the 21st Century. While textbooks and other physical copies of educational materials have been the central reference point for both educators and students, it is undeniable that the digitization of information is essential to ensure progress. Therefore, Tampines Tuition Centre has introduced smartphone learning applications to incentivise students to learn even when they are not at the desk or classroom.

How can students and parents benefit from our learning apps

Aside from the increased accessibility of information and convenience via smartphones, the featured smartphone learning tools at Tampines Tuition Centre will aid students and parents in achieving excellence in the primary, secondary and JC levels. It is the belief of our educators that all students should be given equal access to the opportunities to succeed in education and other aspects of life.

Ready access to targeted information anytime, anywhere

With the usage of mobile learning apps, students can not only learn at schools or home, but at transitional spaces as well. Mobile learning apps provide bite-sized information on a platform that many students use while on the go. The ease of access to such targeted information enables students to achieve what is known as “micro-progress” – giving the students the satisfaction of completing a task or learning a concept in a short period of time. Furthermore, many learning apps are not limited to the mobile platform. The emergence of cross-platform learning apps gives students the flexibility to choose their medium of learning in their own time and at their own pace. These factors strongly benefit the modern tech-savvy student.

Enhanced learner engagement and information retention

Studies have shown that gamification – the application of game playing to encourage engagement to a product or service – allow learning apps to vastly improve the learning process. Gamification, along with personalized study materials and interactive formats provide a much improved and scientific alternative to the traditional paperback mode of learning.

Study right with time-saving methods and resources

As the students are occupied with numerous activities at school, our educators understand that it can be challenging for students to juggle between the subjects and ensuring that there is adequate time for leisure and recreation. Therefore, Tampines Tuition Centre apps feature time-efficient ways to learn effectively. For example, students can browse through the topical-based content to revise for their upcoming tests. The study notes are arranged in an exam-friendly way, in which the key definitions and process explanations are listed concisely, so that students can remember the essential points. In addition, students can attempt multiple choice questions (MCQs) to assess their competency level. Besides, our learning resource and practice questions are updated regularly to ensure that students undergo extensive practices to refine their application skills.

Must have Apps for students

A modern student cannot rely on traditional rote learning methods to achieve the success at the tertiary level. The market for apps that enable a student to study more efficiently is booming, and we have sorted out the best few apps that meet a student’s needs. Boost your productivity today. Take a look at some of the hottest student-friendly apps in town. Accelerate your learning, solidify your grasp of concepts learnt and excel in school today!

Google Drive: Best app for collaborative work and online storage

Google Drive offers a place for students like you to store their work (up to 15 gigabytes) and do collaborative work with your friends. It also allows you to scan paper documents into a digitized form using your mobile camera, which is great for those of you who want to quickly digitise your notes as soon as possible. Furthermore, the ability to access your files offline is a godsend when students want to study without access to the internet.

Evernote: Best app for notes

Evernote provides a one stop location for the organisation of your life. Create a to-do-list, take down notes or simply jotting down a reminder.

SGEducators App

The SGEducators app is an extension of the SGEducators online portal that features all the renowned tuition centres in Singapore. The main aim of the SGEducators app is to function as a one-stop online education guide for both parents and students to develop a better understanding of the education landscape. One applicable feature is the listing of tuition centres in Singapore, such as Economics Focus,, and, so that students can enroll in their tuition programme and excel in the primary, secondary or JC examinations.

The second feature is that users can gain access to insightful educational articles that are written by experienced and professional tutors. The articles cover different issues, ranging from general matters, like selecting an idea subject stream, to subject-specific topics, like the common errors that students make when attempting their JC economics case study questions.

The third distinct feature is that students learn more about these prolific educators in Singapore. These tutors are part of the featured tuition centres listed in the app and are committed to nurture motivated students by unlocking their fullest learning potential.

Through these useful features, the SGEducators app serves as a competitive advantage for tech-savvy students and parents who are driven in the pursuit of academic excellence. On top of the app, our motivated students can also access the SGEducators online portal to stay updated.

Mobile Apps for JC Students

We believe in helping our students achieve their fullest potential. We also believe in the power of mobile apps to help a student get there. Therefore, we created SG Educators – a one stop app for all students – to boost our students’ learning. SG Educators fuses the good from existing apps for students and eliminates the bad. Get the extra edge for the GCE A Level Examinations. Download our mobile apps that are specially catered to give you the leg up on the competition!

Econs Studies App

Students who are preparing for the JC economics examination can download our Econs Studies app to improve their understanding of the various Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts. The aim of our economics-related smartphone application is to provide students a useful way to revise for their examination. One key feature is the JC Economics Notes, in which students can browse through the revision materials that are structured in an organized way to enable students to intensify their efforts in remembering the key concepts for each chapter.

The second feature is the provision of economics MCQs to enable students to apply their concepts to check whether they have fully comprehended what was taught at classes. The practices are meaningful for students as the worked solutions are displayed after students have completed each question. This is to ensure that the students can learn from their errors and improve the accuracy of answers.

The third feature is the JC Economics Essays that are arranged by chapters to allow students to read through the answer explanation. To fully maximise their revision, students can practise writing essay outlines and full essays while referring to the essays stored in our apps. The displayed essay questions are selected by our experienced JC economics tutors and are suitable for the establishment of strong fundamental understanding in the concepts.

Through the utilization of the Econs Studies app, JC students taking H1 or H2 Economics can learn effectively and enjoyably. It is the belief of the economics tutors that students should be given myriad ways to learn and intensify their revision efforts, in order to ace the A Level Economics examinations.


The study of A Level General Paper can be complemented with the use of our GP Studies app, which seeks to ease the frictional learning process of understanding the current affairs at the local and global levels. One of the defining features is the JC GP Notes, which is arranged on a thematic basis, covering issues like social media, culture, science and technology. The notes are useful for students as they list and explain all the context-specific terms, which are applicable for essay writing.

The second feature is the JC GP Essays, which are essential for students who are revising for their essay writing component. The essays are prepared by our experienced GP tutors and written in ways that students can emulate and complete within the given examination timeframe. In addition, the essays are arranged on a thematic basis as well.

The third feature is the GP MCQs that are handy for students to test their knowledge about the issues mentioned in the app. The solutions are displayed at the end of each attempt to allow students to understand and internalize the significance of the issues more effectively.

The GP Studies app will make learning easy and convenient. Students need not rely on their textbooks and physical notes solely as they can read the notes and essays as well as attempt MCQs to revise for the examination.