Educational Videos for Singapore Students

Classes, now taken online.

Video is where all our media is headed to right now. We have gathered a list of videos that we believe can be great interest and helpful to students at different levels. Learning can now be made more enjoyable and convenient when students access E-learning videos from their mobile devices for comprehensive revision purposes.

We have also stated some learning ideas which can help students nurture their learning skills or help parents learn new ideas to teach their young children. We hope that such learning videos that we have identified can develop students’ skills and enrich their knowledge.

The educational videos that we have identified are produced by our listed educational partners and international educators which will cover level of teachings from pre-primary, primary, secondary and junior college. You may want to leave your comments on how we can use these education videos and help us to get more goods ideas to enrich our students.

E-Learning Videos for Primary Tuition

View our wide range of online educational videos, and classes for primary school students, teachers and parents. We hope that these educational videos will help parents and teacher to come out with better ideas on how to teach their students or children.

How to improve students’ sentence writing

This video aims to help primary school students improve their sentence structure and creative writing by exposing them to the different ways they can make their sentence writing more interesting and creative. In doing so, it will help them to improve their creative thinking and become more confident and creative writers.

The teacher will start off by showing students the different ways to write and create sentences that will improve their sentence structure and follow by asking the students to match the sentences that they have created with the type of creative sentence structure. This will help the students to be familiar with creative ways to write.

How to use the ideas to help student improve their sentence structure

The teacher can start with simple, boring sentences and progress on to show students how they can make interesting sentences by changing the structure and variation of sentences in several different ways. This can be done on a thematic issue like visiting a park or having lunch with the family.

For the students who are at higher level, like Primary Three to Six, teachers or parents may want to link these sentence structure exercises to the title of a composition and let the students write out the composition. Teachers and parents can then review the composition and advise the students on how to improve their sentence structures.

E-Learning Videos for Secondary Tuition

3 Tips for Taking Notes

The education video, ‘3 tips for Taking Notes‘ provides very useful tips on how students can study their Mathematics with detailed demonstration on the procedures and process to make good notes. It would be useful for students if they modify the process and make it more suitable for their learning process. I would like to add in the point on how you can start this process with a content page. It would be advisable for students to compile this notes with a list of difficult questions that they cannot do and use it as a library for students to remember and understand difficult questions. This will definitely help to improve their adaptation to complex questions.

Please take note that the usefulness of the approach can only be reaped if students are able to adapt to the approach of notes preparation and makes minor areas of the process to suit their study approach. Most of all, any study approach or tips can be beneficial if students have the discipline and determination to implement it. It is important for students to build up good study habits to make them more effective learners.

E-Learning Videos for JC Tuition

View our wide range of online educational videos, Lectures, tutorials and classes for JC students, teachers and parents. We hope these educational videos will be great help to our students to make them better learners and be more prepared for their GCE A level examination.

Educational Video on JC economics essays from our Economics Tuition

The video, Economics Tuition – JC Economics Essays – Market Failures – Q2(a) for the question ‘Using appropriate examples, explain and illustrate the terms ‘externality’ and ‘public good’. [10]’ is used in part of the economics tuition E-Learning programme provided by EconomicsFocus under the development of JC economics tutor Simon Ng and his academic team.

This video focuses on teaching students on how they can structure their essay outlines and use them to write out their essays. Students will also learn how they can improve their economics causation in the development of their points of discussion and how they can draw and describe their diagrams to prove their economics causation. The video will provide students opportunities to learn how to write the JC economics essays on a step by step basis, as well as an understanding of the overview on how the essay is to be linked.

How to use this educational videos on JC Economics

Our JC Economics tutor suggests that you watch this videos once from the top till the end first to get a good overview of the teaching. In the viewing process, please take note of the different areas of teaching, like structural development, development of introduction, main paragraph developments, graphical development, economic causation and others. In this process, you need to identify the key phrases and the way the JC economics tutor describes this development.

Once an overview of the understanding of the different areas of the process of the video is made known. Students need to focus on using the videos to develop their skills on essay writing, paying attention on the way to develop essay outlines. Students can proceed to writing the essays and check along the way if their writing includes the key phrases used and has the correct way of development. It is also advisable to use the writing practice as a time trial whereby students can watch the video first and understand more about the content and then embark on the writing of the essay within 35 minutes. After writing the essay, it is advisable for them to view the video and check how well they have written.

Educational Videos for General Paper from our GP Tuition

The video, Does Social Media have the Power to Change the World? on Social Media will provide students extensive statistics on how the social media is influencing the world. This video presents ideas the different positive and negative social, economics and political impact the world is experiencing from the influence of the social media. The statistics from this video explains the extent of engagement by people in different forms of social media and the various ways the social media is being used to promote the interests of the society from the social, economic and political angles, empowering the individuals and integrating the world.

How students can use this video to improve their GP grade

One of the good use of this GP educational video is the statistics which can be used by students to show the extent of proliferation of social media and its influence on the different aspects of the society. Students can write out paragraphs on how the society can benefit from the use of social media with the given statistics and the impact on the particular areas of development. This exercise will enable students to improve their causation on how to link arguments to the statistics.