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The advent of E-books and E-publications has influenced the reading behavior of individuals, particularly students. The pulling factor for this shift in reading preference is the increased degree of convenience as students need not carry piles of books or stacks of notes to revise for tests and exams. Similarly, parents may source for information on ideal tuition centres in Singapore and Tampines to enrol their child in via the digital medium. As such, Tampines Tuition Centre features e-books and e-publications to match the changing wants.

Excel in your examinations with our subject-specific publications

Students who are revising for their examinations can utilize our publications to deepen their understanding of subject-specific concepts and skills-based application. The publications are prepared by prolific tutors who have specifically developed content to make reading interesting and useful for students who take up our publications. The publications cover many useful topics that will improve the answering techniques and feature tuition programmes that will intensify the learning process, so that students can achieve the desired results at the end of their educational journey.

Master essential concepts with our A Level Economics publications

Students preparing for A Level Economics can gain insightful knowledge about the economic landscape via publications by Economics Focus. The materials are covered by economics tutor Simon Ng, whose vast teaching experience and business acumen are translated into useful knowledge for conceptual understanding. As one of the requirements listed by the SEAB, students are expected to apply the Economics concepts to real world examples. Therefore, the Economics publications discuss past and present issues, such as the Great Recession in 2009 (on the global level) and the economic restructuring in Singapore.

In addition, complex-sounding terms are deconstructed and explained in detail so that students will not be startled by any of these terms if they were mentioned at the examinations for the Economics essays and case study questions. Besides, students can use the information from the publications and apply to essay questions, so as to revise for tests more effectively.

Also, students can read the educational articles featured in the Popular Guide that cover common studying issues like misconceptions of students when preparing for JC Economics examinations and effective essay writing skills that students should acquire. The articles are published on a quarterly basis, so students can subscribe to our newsletter to be updated on the latest publication release.

Enrich your learning with our General Paper publications

Students can refer to our General Paper publications to study for the A Level General Paper examinations. The comprehension of current affairs of the world is incomplete without the use of real world examples. The content of our publications is written by prolific GP tutors that are well-read and informed about the issues that are arranged in a thematic way. For example, students will be introduced to the issue of environmentalism and how government policies are used to mitigate the harmful effects of pollution. Specific international organizations, such as Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), are listed in the publication to help students to recognise the notable examples of global cooperation. The strength of these GP publications is that the content is curated and written specifically for students taking the A Level General Paper.

Be well-informed about the essentials of Mathematics with our O Level and A Level Math Publications

While the study of Mathematics is primarily conducted through immersive calculations and analysis of problems, students can refer to our publications to gain a better understanding of the potential challenges they may face along their journey. For example, students may not be aware that there are many alternative approaches to answer a single math question. Also, the publication will discuss important problem solving skills that students should develop when tackling the higher order thinking questions. The featured articles found in the publications are written by Math tutors who are proficient in their field. These tutors have accumulated vast teaching experience. As such, they tapped on their knowledge to help students by featuring these critical academic-related matters in the publications.

Broaden your understanding of International History and Southeast Asian History with our A Level History Publications

Students can improve their writing proficiency and expand their history knowledge by reading our publications. As A Level History for H2 History students cover both International History and Southeast Asian history, the publications will discuss related issues, so as to improve the student’s comprehension of the important events. For example, the origins of the Cold War will be introduced and students will learn about the developments in more intricate details. The timeline feature will improve the student’s understanding of how the sequence of events culminated in historic events like the Berlin Blockade and the collapse of the Berlin Wall. As for the Southeast Asian History, students will learn about the formation of ASEAN in our featured articles in the publications.

The publications are written by prolific history tutors whose passion and enthusiasm are manifested in the form of these meaningful articles. The tutors believe that students who read these publications can develop a better understanding of the key issues, so that they can deepen the depth of analysis when answering the JC history essay questions. Also, history tuition programmes are featured in the publications, so as to provide students with an additional information channel to find out more about the available academic assistance to tap on during their preparation for the A Level History examinations.

Discover renowned tuition centres from our publications

Students and parents can refer to our publications to find out more about the tuition centres in Bishan, Bukit Timah and Tampines. These tuition centres are managed by experienced tutors that seek to raise the quality of education for students in Singapore. The publications will introduce to readers the distinctive features of every tuition centre and how students can improve their students by enrolling in the primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes.