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Given the widespread use of the internet and mobile devices by youths, we have decided to to come up with online E-learning programmes to help supplement and complement this trend. With our E-learning programmes, studying can be done outside of the classroom with greater efficiency. We know that studying is probably not one of the most enjoyable of activities, that is why we set out to incorporate an engaging educational E-learning portal into our website so as to spark student’s interests in learning.

Mobile Learners

Mobile Learners  is a programme specialising in the development of learning solutions believing in affordable and accessible education for every child. We want to help educators improve their teaching methodology, as well as aid students in enhancing their learning skills and academic acumen. Our current areas of specialisations include, E-learning programmes, educational apps, and school educational and enrichment programmes.

Educational Videos

It is in our vision that tuition classes will be able to be held online in the near future. This cuts down on travel time for students and frees up funds for tutors, which would have otherwise been used on rental and furniture. This is why E-learning videos have been prepared and consolidated by our featured Tampines Tuition Centres making learning enjoyable and accessible. Students can tune in to watch and save our videos on their mobile devices conveniently and repeatedly, something you cannot achieve through conventional tuition classes.

Mobile apps

With almost everyone owning a smartphone, it makes a lot of sense to introduce E-learning apps to help students with their learning needs. Renowned tuition centres, such as Economicsfocus and Generalpaper.com.sg, have introduced E-Learning apps that will make revision and learning easier and more engaging for students. Not only that, parents can utilise these apps to keep up to date with the latest information on Tuition Centres around.

Econs Studies App

EconsStudies aims to provide users with a comprehensive understanding of the economic principles that shape our world. We provide users with the basic understanding of economic concepts and multiple choice questions to test your grasp of the subject. The app also has updated model essays on various economic conundrums to improve your writing skills. In doing so, we are certain your economic knowledge will improve exponentially.

GP Studies App

GPStudies aims to foster the user’s language and writing competency to excel in the GCE A Level Examinations. We provide comprehensive notes, essays and multiple choice questions that will sharpen the skills needed to excel in the General Paper. Students can access the GPStudies and learn without being hindered by the need to carry bulky physical copies of school notes and textbooks. The GP tutors who contributed to the development of this app believed that students should utilize the smartphone technology to their advantage.

SGEducators App

Students who desire to learn effectively should consider downloading the SGEducators app. One defining feature is the provision of useful educational articles written by renowned educators that cover widely discussed topics, such as the difficulties that students face when studying for their PSLE, O Level and A Level examinations. Other topics cover issues like strategies to handle examination stress during revision phase and the actual examination. Students can receive updates on the latest articles published on the app and acquire exam-friendly study tips. Therefore, the knowledge gained would give students the competitive edge against their peers and eventually excel at the examinations.

Online Learning blogs

Students can get useful study tips on how to improve their learning and understanding of various topics. Our blog articles are written by our very own experienced tutors who have with them years of experience. On top of that, we have articles written by health experts who can provide health advice for students studying for exams so that they stay in the pink of health during such hectic periods.

Comprehensive online study notes

Our vast pool of study notes covering different types of subjects are made available through the contributions of our tutors, teachers and students. This free sharing of notes allows for fresh new perspectives and exchange of ideas to aid in learning.

E-books & E-publications

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