Primary Tuition Online

Start a fruitful education journey for PSLE preparation.

Over at Bukit Timah Tuition centre, primary tuition programmes have been carefully tailored to prepare primary students for the start of their academic journey. Students will build on their foundation of English, Math and Science in their 6 year of study. They will be inspired to do well at their PSLE examinations.

Primary English Tuition

At the primary English level, students will learn how to write, read, speak and listen effectively. They will be guided on how to refine their writing style. Through online learning, we teach Grammar and Vocabulary basics.

Primary Math Tuition

Primary Math requires students to apply their problem-solving skills to a wide variety of questions. As such, our math tuition programmes aim to develop such skills in our students so that they become quick learners.

Primary Science Tuition

Primary Science students will learn the basics of Science through the development of analytical and observational skills. Hands-on learning will be emphasised through scientific experiments so that students can better comprehend scientific processes.

Holiday Programmes

Our featured primary tuition centres conduct enrichment workshops during the school holidays to motivate students to learn meaningfully. These workshops are conducted by engaging trainers and educators.

Secondary Tuition Online

Expand your knowledge for the O Level examinations.

At the secondary level, students will learn a wider range of content and themes. They may find the sudden increase in content challenging and stressful. Our secondary tuition programmes at Bukit Timah Tuition Centres aspires to address this concern by providing clear concise notes for students to use for their revision. Students will find knowledge acquisition to be easier with the help of our highly qualified tutors.

Lower Secondary English Tuition

Undergo a gradual transition from primary to lower secondary level education by taking part in the online lessons. These classes will include practices and the review of Situational Writing, Composition and Comprehension questions.

Lower Secondary Math Tuition

Our Secondary Math Tuition classes help our students gain a better understanding of the various Mathematical concepts and formulas and learn to apply them in difficult problem sum questions.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

These classes serve as a foundation for students to familiarise with the various scientific processes before moving on to upper secondary level. They will learn the basics of inquisition for the study of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Upper Secondary English Tuition

Learn how to answer questions for the GCE O Level English, such as Editing, Situational Writing, Comprehension and Composition. We also provide online discussion for Oral Communication to develop skills of language expression.

Upper Secondary Math Tuition

Learn how to tackle O Level Math questions via our A and E Math Tuition. These classes include the topical re-teaching of chapters like Simultaneous Equation and Trigonometry. Class practices will be conducted for lesson review.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Physics concepts like Kinematics, Dynamics and Transfer of Thermal Energy will be examined and taught at our secondary Physics tuition classes. Students will be able to apply their knowledge to ace the O Levels Physics examinations.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Through practical experiments, students will experience first hand the various Chemistry processes like Electrolysis and Qualitative analysis, allowing them to easier understand them and improve their memorisation skills.

Secondary Biology Tuition

Learn how to analyse and apply Biology concepts to be prepared for the O Level examinations. Our lessons include the review of past topics like the Maintenance and Regulation of Life Processes.

Secondary Humanities Tuition

Revise for the O Level Humanities examination by signing up for the Secondary History, Geography or Social Studies Tuition. Learn how to answer source based case study and structured essay questions effectively.

JC Tuition Online

Develop critical thinking skills for A Level examinations

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres also provides JC tuition programmes that students can enrol in to help them in their revision for their A Levels examinations. These tuition programmes have been specifically prepared by our pool of experienced tutors to make our students learn in an intelligent way and develop the critical skills needed to overcome any challenges that may stand in their way.

GP Tuition

GP Tuition classes are offered to cultivate creative writing skills and sensible thinking in our students. Clear, concise notes on the various themes like Social Media are provided for students to answer Comprehension and Essay questions.

Economics Tuition

At our Economics tuition classes, our students will develop critical writing skills to tackle challenging essay questions relating to Microeconomics and Macroeconomics concepts. Learn to answer CSQ and essay questions well.

JC Math Tuition

As JC Math questions are tricky and challenging, class practices on past year examinations are regularly conducted at our JC Math tuition classes. Practice is key in avoiding careless mistakes in the A Levels Math Examinations.

JC Physics Tuition

Students will gain a heightened awareness of how JC Physics concepts can apply in their real life, allowing them to grasp the concepts easier and use them to solve higher order thinking questions.

JC Chemistry Tuition

The study of Chemistry is no longer just an accumulation of knowledge, but rather the application of such knowledge to the questions at hand. As such, students will develop analytical and scientific skills for the A Level Chemistry examination.

JC Biology Tuition

Revise for the GCE A Level Biology examination by reviewing topical concepts like Energy and Equilibrium. Learn how to answer multiple choice, structured and free response questions within the given timeframe effectively.

JC History Tuition

Review historical issues for topics like the Cold War and the United Nations to be ready for the H1 or H2 History examinations. Learn to answer essay and source based case study questions through class discussions and practices.

Featured Centres in Bukit Timah

A memorable and engaging learning experience for students.

Bukit Timah Tuition Centres features tuition centres that provide their own variety of tuition programmes to help students attain good grades in their examinations. All of these centres aim to provide a holistic learning experience for the students that not only aims for academic excellence but also ensure their physical and mental well-being. Through our tuition classes, our students will be prepared for their examinations and life beyond school.

Economics Tuition Online

Economics Tuition Online offers JC 1 and JC 2 Economics Tuition programmes for students taking either H2 or H1 Economics in preparation for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. These classes involve real-time discussion of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics as well as the review of essay and case study questions for knowledge application.

GP Tuition Online

GP Tuition Online features JC 1 and JC 2 General Paper Tuition classes to prepare students for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations. Through the use of online learning features, students will explore various thematic issues like the environment, social media and education. Then, we go through GP essay and comprehension questions.


SGEducators features primary, secondary and JC tuition classes to nurture the fundamental knowledge and skills to be competent and ready for the major examinations. Undergo progressive learning by engaging with the tutors via online learning means like the real-time video discussions and attempt class practices to keep learning exam-focused.


Grasp Economics concepts through a comprehensive and exam-driven online learning approach to ace the GCE A Level Economics examinations. With the support from the JC Economics Tutor, you will examine relevant industry-specific case studies to form logical arguments in answering essay and case study questions.

Discover the amazing field of General Paper by joining the online learning programme. Get ready for the GCE A Level General Paper examination by engaging in fruitful discussions with the JC GP Tutor. You will learn how to analyse real world issues systematically and answer comprehension and essay questions effectively.

JC History Tuition

Enroll in the JC History Tuition Online programme to be prepared for the challenges ahead during the GCE A Level History examinations. Learn how to revise your content in an organised way and apply them to both essay and source based case study questions. Our JC History Tutor will review and provide feedback on the areas of improvement to raise proficiency.

JC Maths Tuition

Develop problem-solving skills by signing up for the JC Maths Tuition programme. These classes are available for JC students taking either H1 or H2 Mathematics. With the support from the JC Math Tutor, you will develop a structured way to analyse questions and derive the appropriate steps to answer both fundamental and complex questions.

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