News Summary: Our Tampines Hub

The new community and lifestyle hub

Referring to the article ‘First phase of new Tampines community and lifestyle hub officially opens to public’, The Straits Times reported that a new community and lifestyle hub is located in Tampines at the site of the former Tampines Stadium and Sports Hall, which has been named “Our Tampines Hub”. The Tampines Hub is one of two recent infrastructure and amenities upgrade in the town, including the Tampines Bus Interchange. It is a first-of-its-kind Public Services Centre, which boasts several round-the-clock services and brings the services of six agencies under one roof. The services provided allows residents to book People’s Association facilities or pay for Housing Development Board-related fees at a 24-hour e-lobby.  The hub is expected to benefit around 200,000 residents in the Tampines region alone.

Shopping Mall, Community Health Centre and the 1st HomeTeamNS Clubhouse

Furthermore, service officers from the various agencies such as the North East Community Development Council, Workforce Singapore, Ministry of Social and Family Development and ActiveSG will be on duty from 8am to 10pm. In addition, the Our Tampines Hub would host a shopping mall, community health centre, the first HomeTeamNS clubhouse in the east and a community auditorium with 20 badminton courts.

Doing our part for the Environment

Moreover, the hub is being geared towards ensuring that it does not produce any waste. For instance, 1.4 tonnes of daily food waste is aimed to be converted to fertiliser or non-potable water through the use of advanced food waste recycling system. There will be enough compost that would be distributed for free to residents who need it and this is being supported by the Minister for Environment and Water Resources Masagos Zulkifli, who is the MP for Tampines GRC.

Opinion & Views

Increased Convenience

The creation of Our Tampines Hub combines all of the necessary facilities and services that a lay person living in the heartland would need. This promotes convenience as everything is within walking distance for a patron at the hub when compared to other parts of Singapore where the different facilities or agencies are located quite a distance apart. Accordingly, this means that the amount of time needed to finish a set of tasks becomes shorter with the new hub. Moreover, this increased convenience for the residents of Tampines and the provision of recreational facilities promotes a higher standard of living for the residents. This is because the residents are able to carry out exercises or group activities that makes them happy.

Effective & Efficient Use of Taxpayers’ Monies

The building of the Our Tampines Hub by the Singapore government shows that the government is making effective and efficient use of the taxpayers’ monies by providing facilities that are integrated and addresses the need of the people. It could also be said that the government stands to gain a better standing amongst Singaporeans that assists them to garner the necessary votes in a General Election. Accordingly, this effective use of taxpayers’ monies puts the government in good stead in the eyes of Singaporeans and this is important because it proves the the government is credible and capable of leading the people. This is in stark contrast to other nations where there is an epidemic of mismanagement of taxpayers monies and this results in the credibility of the government being shaken in the eyes of the people and the country being labelled a pariah state by other countries.

Tampines: Eastern Regional Hub

It is undeniable that the creation of the Our Tampines Hub would become a significant icon and a place to facilitate traffic of consumers. This means that Our Tampines Hub has the potential to host centralised events that are specially catered towards the residents in Tampines. Accordingly, there would be traffic of consumers gravitating towards the hub and this translates into a good environment for businesses to be set up there, such as fast food restaurants, and economic growth due to the higher level of consumerism facilitated by the hub. Ultimately, it is expected that should this hub prove to be a success due to the benefits materialising, this model will be replicated elsewhere in Singapore.

Overall, it can be seen that there are various tangible and intangible benefits that can be reaped from the building of the Our Tampines Hub. However, it is premature to deem the hub a success and that there will be a need for analysis over a certain period of time to determine the true extent of the benefits to be reaped and determine what are the issues arising that need to be rectified. Nevertheless, it is hoped that this hub becomes a resounding success given the amount of thought and effort put into it so that there are good returns on the taxpayers’ monies that have been invested into this hub. Ultimately, only time will tell regarding the outcome of this hub.