About Tampines Tuition Centre, Singapore

Learning made fun and and simple

Tampines Tuition Centre, Singapore, offers unparalleled tuition and education services for both parents and students. It serves as an online platform for users to interact and source out for the best tuition centres around Tampines, Simei, Bedok and Pasir Ris. We are committed to providing you with the best selection of tuition centres around.

Quality education starts here

Discover the best tuition centres Tampines has to offer. Ranging from primary tuition all the way to JC tuition, we feature renowned tuition centres from around the vicinity that caters to every need. Our online interface is simple and easy to use, and displays necessary and crucial information pertaining to the tuition centre, i.e location, subjects offered, tutors, class schedules, fees, contact information, testimonials etc. What’s more, gain access to exclusive discounts when you sign up for tuition classes on our website.

Stay ahead of the pack

In addition to our list of some of the best tuition centres in Tampines, we also feature signature, power-packed revision classes from our list of tuition centres that will be sure to help each and every student make the most out of ‘last minute revision’. To top it all off, we are your one stop place for all the latest information with regards to primary, secondary and JC education and syllabus.

What we offer

Parents and students alike can be rest assured, because we pride ourselves in providing the most extensive learning materials, access to useful information about the tuition centres at Tampines and pick up useful study tips from experienced educators. Also, Tampines Tuition Centre will feature up-to-date information that can assist parents and students in their pursuits towards achieving academic excellence at the primary, secondary and JC levels.

Access relevant information on our credible tuition centres at Tampines

At this Tampines Tuition Centre portal, we provide essential information about the tuition centres in the Eastern part of Singapore, such as Tampines, Simei, Bedok, Pasir Ris and East Coast. As it can be a cumbersome process for students and parents to scour numerous websites and newspaper advertisements to seek suitable primary, secondary and JC tutors, this portal will create a seamless experience. Furthermore, the featured tuition centres at Tampines are managed by experienced and passionate tutors who have nurtured many students to achieve greatness in their studies and beyond. We believe that education should go beyond the classroom.

Update yourself on the latest SEAB syllabus

In the recent years, the Singapore Examinations and Assessments Board (SEAB) has refined the teaching syllabus to ensure that students undergoing the Singapore education will be equipped with essential knowledge and skills to become competent knowledge workers in the competitive and globalised world. Rather than accessing information on the various primary (PSLE), secondary (O Level) and JC (A Level) syllabus, Tampines Tuition Centre serves as a one-stop digital platform and educational resource portal for students and parents to stay on track with the latest examination format and areas of focus.

Improve your learning with our study tips by professional educators

Tampines Tuition Centre taps on the vast teaching experience of the tutors by featuring study tips and exam strategies to help students in their educational journey. The tips will cover general topics, such as useful ways for students to tackle exam stress, good time management practices and selecting suitable subjects based on the student’s learning preferences and capabilities. We also feature subject-specific tips, such as identifying the common errors in answering JC Economics case study questions, understanding the importance of keywords and learning how to use them in Primary Science effectively.

Broaden your knowledge with our educational resources

Gone were the days when students could solely rely on textbook knowledge to excel in their examinations. Now, students are required to read widely. This paradigm shift is attributed to the fact that the present knowledge will not remain relevant in the rapidly-changing world. Therefore, students have to stay competitive by picking up new skills and acquiring more new knowledge. Tampines Tuition Centre provides a wide range of e-learning resources. Our E-Learning packages and online classes are structured according to the latest syllabus and conducted in interactive ways to keep students engaged. Students can download the online notes and enrichment materials to complement their learning. Furthermore, mobile applications have gradually replaced physical notes and textbooks as the new medium for learning tools. Therefore, students can access the learning resources from our apps, such as SGEducators.

Clarify your doubts online with our ‘Consult a Tutor’ programme

Given the time constraints of students, Tampines Tuition Centre features the ‘Consult a Tutor’ programme to clear the doubts of students during their studies. Over the years, our educators have received timely feedback from parents and former students about the problems they have encountered along the way. For example, students are unsure on the methods to use when tackling the English comprehension short answer questions. Also, parents may enquire on the preferred choice between the science or arts stream at the upper secondary level. Through this programme, students and parents can list down their concerns online. The tutors will assist in addressing these issues.

Pool in your own educational resources with fellow students at ‘The Library’

During the educational journey, some students have prepared their own set of learning and revision materials to assist in their endeavours. Tampines Tuition Centre features a digital ‘library’ that enables students to share their study notes with other. As a purely collaborative feature, students can engage in discussions and aid one another while preparing for their own examinations. Such an approach is beneficial for students as they will learn how to work and communicate with each other.

Our Values

As a subsidiary of our parent company Digital marketing Hub, we share the same values as they do and they determine our work ethic.


Integrity is the lifeblood of our organisation. We are honest with not only our clients, but also with ourselves and this ensures we earn the trust of all.


We strive to provide excellent service and products to our clients. We put them at the heart of our business to help create exceptional value for each and everyone we work with.


We believe that success comes when we work hand in hand with our partners, and this allows us to bring out the best in everything we do.


We care for our clients, employees as well as for our community by being as supportive as possible and by having their every interest taken care of.