Finding the motivation to study is never easy. It certainly does not come easy. Students will have to be on a constant lookout for ways in which they can get themselves motivated. The easiest and fastest way to find motivation is by reading up quotes from famous and successful people. These quotes give us fresh new inspiration and insight to want to persist through tough times. A great way is to have a quote a day, pen down a particular quote on your daily planner or set them as your wallpaper so you will be kept motivated constantly. Here are our list of 7 motivational quotes that will encourage you to study harder!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

No prizes for guessing who said this. This quote by Confucius, an influential Chinese philosopher, teacher and political figure is one of the most widely used and recognized quotes in the world. Studying is just like a journey, and without having the courage to venture out to take that first step, you will never reach your destination. So get up, and take your first step towards success now.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried something new

This quote by Albert Einstein explains exactly the mindset that students should have. Never be afraid to fail because without failing you will never progress and learn new things. Albert Einstein did not speak fluently until he was 9 years old, was expelled from school for his rebellious nature and was refused admittance into Zurich Polytechnic school. Make mistakes, but learn from them and be careful not to make the same mistake twice.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard

Tim Notke was a high school basketball coach and we all know that in any sport, to get results, we need to work hard. The same applies to studies, in order to do well, hard work is inevitable. There are no shortcuts, just pure grit but towards the end, the sweet taste of success will have made it all worthwhile.

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration

I’m sure this is another quote that many would have heard of. Thomas Edison was an inventor who invented the light bulb. He was labelled stupid by his teachers and was fired from his 2 jobs because he was unproductive. In the process of inventing the light bulb, he failed 1000 times. This truly embodies his character and is somebody we must learn from. Do not despair even when the going gets tough, press on because you will never know how close you are to success.

Stay hungry, Stay foolish

As one of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs was a visionary and creative genius. In order to have built up a successful tech company from the ground up, he had to constantly hunger for knowledge and success while trying out new things at the same time. The hunger for knowledge and success is important because without it, we will not be able to improve. Staying foolish does not mean staying foolish forever, it means having the courage to try out new methods when others don’t work and being able to learn from them. That is what students must do to succeed.

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them

Chris Grosser formed his own profitable photography company at the age of 18. This was partly attributed to the fact that he was a driven individual who kept seeking out new opportunities. Opportunities don’t come knocking on your door. It is very much like success, you will have to create and seize every individual moment and chance no matter how big or small it is because it will eventually culminate into something big. Don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves, create your own and be well on your path to academic success.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm

As many of you know, Winston Churchill was the prime minister of the United Kingdom in 1940. He instrumental in forming and leading a successful strategy with the United States and the Soviet Union to defeat the Axis powers during WW2. Having enthusiasm will be able to keep you from losing motivation and getting discouraged after a set-back. Failures are an integral aspect of every success story. It is important to know that failing is part and parcel of the journey to success and that students must not view it as the end of the world. So the next time you do not get your desired grades in your examinations, do not despair, remember to keep your head high up and approach the next one with enthusiasm.