Tampines Bedok Tuition Centres

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We offer the most comprehensive range of tuition programmes, guaranteed to suit every child’s need.

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Tampines Bedok Tuition Centres

Join our classes!

We offer the most comprehensive range of tuition programmes, guaranteed to suit every child’s need.

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Tuition programmes

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Register for our Tuition Programmes to gear up for the school examinations. We conduct primary, secondary and JC tuition classes at our Bedok and Tampines tuition centre, as well as FREE WORKSHOPS to enrich your child’s learning experience. Our tutors will show guide your child on how to approach each topic interestingly and effectively. By joining our revision programme, your child will acquire essential knowledge and develop exam-driven skills to ace the examinations. View our schedule and sign up now! For more information, please call Simon @ 96890510.

Why Join Us

Our primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes are exam-oriented and comprehensive, enabling your child to excel at the examinations. It will be an enriching and meaningful learning journey for your child as we teach with our hearts, cultivate learning characters and prepare your child for the demands of the examinations.

We teach with our hearts

We believe in the cultivation of passionate and inquisitive learning. We will guide your child to develop a keen sense of observation and a tendency to reflect on issues, ideas and concepts covered in class. Also, we will help your child to clarify any doubts to instil confidence in approaching different subjects.

We cultivate learning characters

Learning does not just happen in school or tuition. It happens beyond that. That is the reason we emphasise on helping students acquire the necessary skill sets to learn new contents even outside the instructions of tutors or others.

We use exam-oriented teaching approaches

Exam-skills are integral to the outcome of whether a student can perform in his or her examinations. Students under our guidance are able to apply the effective exam-oriented strategies to help them achieve the grades they desire.

Other Benefits For Our Tuition Programmes

To complement the already extensive benefits of our tuition, our tuition have decided to offer full accessibility to the rest of our educational benefits not found in our typical tuition lessons. Expect additional exclusivity when you enrol your child in our tuition programmes


Free Holiday Classes

Joining our tuition will entitle your child to our holidays intensive programmes for FREE! These lessons are held during the March and June school holidays, when rigorous revision should be taken up to cultivate critical skills such as exam preparation and content development.


Free Monthly Workshops

Parents and students are both welcomed to partake in our monthly workshops, during which your child will learn exclusive exam strategies to reduce common errors and raise productivity during examinations. For instance, we provide past A Level exam review to give clarity on the examination requirements.


Free Educational Guides

Last but not least, our education guides are free to view for our students’ academic needs. These e-guides explore content notes and trial assessments to supplement your child’s learning and receive a head start. Over the course of study, more educational guides will be produced to aid in the development of our child’s demanding academics.

Primary Tuition Tampines Bedok

To achieve our mission statement, our centre not only focuses on academic learning in our primary english, mathematics and science tuition but also on cultivating creative, passionate and keen learning behaviours in our primary school students to make them enjoy learning and nurture skills for learning.

Secondary Tuition Tampines Bedok

We have a list of tuition programme specially designed for lower and upper secondary students. At this level, we believe in educating them to be competent in the understanding of the content of learning, effective in their studying skills and keen on striving for academic excellence.

JC Tuition Tampines Bedok

We offer JC tuition programmes for JC1 and JC2 students to be ready for the challenges of the A Level examinations. For this group, we advocate the cultivation of critical thinking and problem solving skills to be ready for tertiary education and the complexities posed in different industries.

Our Education Network

Tampines Tuition Centres featured different centres that offer primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes to prepare your child for the examinations. These centres specialise in specific subjects, like economics and mathematics, to provide your child with the essential resources and educational support.

Our Regional Learning Portals

Tampines Tuition Centre is one of the many regional learning portals. Learn more about our regional learning portals, which feature centres and learning resources for students situated in specific parts of Singapore, such as Bishan and Bukit Timah.

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Our Level Learning Portals

Students of Tampines Tuition Centres can browse these level-specific portals to derive a better understanding of the relevant subjects in their current level of study, such as primary, secondary and JC. These portals will provide more in-depth discussion on the specifics of each level, such as the challenges of PSLE, O Level and A Level examinations.

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Our Subject Learning Portals

We feature subject-specific learning portals, like GP Tuition Singapore, to prepare your child for the specific demands of the subjects by providing online learning resources, educational videos and eLearning support to enrich the learning experience.

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